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  1. i am building a 5 by 7 grow area in my basement to replace my 3 by 3. My question is, can I use this material, super tuff-r insulation Board 1 inch r-value 6.5. See attached photos to see comparison. I just not have the time or ability to sheet rock my studs... I have all framed but need it finished asap... drywall just has to wait for now. This insulation board I found at homedpot is shinny and would be fast and easy to assemble on my frame. I am just wondering if it's ok to use and does it have good results.

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  2. knock yaself out

    I's still be giving it a quick paint with matt white tho

    good luck
  3. i think that's a great idea...should work well
  4. So is that material ok to use? You think I should paint it even tough already silver... what about stapling the reflective sheet material you can buy at any local grow store...
  5. Thank you... it's a little dull... but still reflects good so it seems
  6. flat matt white is still more reflective than most foils

    but foils/silver paint comes a close second

    I rec. white paint to also make it waterproof if necessary

    as much insul stuff falls apart when wet

    your call

    good luck
  7. Thanks for your advice! I will def take into original plan was to do drywall with flat white paint but I am just running out of time and I don't have the time to get it done by plants need to go in by the weekend
  8. That surface will reflect enough imho. Vostok is correct though. Please know that reflected light is very reduced in intensity but it's better than nothing.

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