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  1. i decided on what lights to get along with everything else to start my first grow, but i still cant decide what soil to get. ill be growing indoors and not in such a large space but size of about two rubbermaid boxes. im going to do a pot grow. ppl have recomended me fox farm, pro mix, etc but the thing is, i dont live in the US right now and i cant seem to find those brands where i live. so i was wonderin if someone could give me sum numbers (the ones some soil has in the back i.e (2-2-1)). so i can find a suitable soil even if i cant find the exact brands. thanks.
  2. Hi,

    It depends where you live I guess..and if you're growing with soil or hydro.

    I'd reccomend "Canna" for hydro.
    I've used everything from vermeculite to perlite to just river sand but after using "Canna" I'd really reccomend it.

    It sells under a few different brand names but you should be able to get it.

    Try it and see.

    Good luck !!
  3. im doing a soil grow, would canna still work for it?

    i also had a nother concern, if i did a hydro setup, i would need much stronger lights than fluros right?
  4. Yo man if you are growing from seed don't buy soil that has an NPK number. They don't need fertilizer for a few weeks cafter birth.

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