PLEAAASEEEE HELLLPPPP!!! :-( i dont wanna go to jail!

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  1. So I just received a text message from a friend who was at my house when i was not, saying that the cops searched my house and interrogated my roommate who told the police that I sold marijuana and grew it as well. I was not there at the time that the police were there and I have not been there in a while. I paid last months rent and since then I have been staying elsewhere. What in the world should I do? I am not sure what all the police found but I did not have any marijuana at my house that I know of besides, I am guessing, one male plant that was chopped down and placed in a bag......what should I do? and what can the LEOs do?? pleassseeeee annyone helpp!! I can clear things up if anyone needs more details!!
  2. did they have a warrant?
  3. move to canada
  4. no warrant, not that I know of, my roommate is trying to get me in trouble, she is a crazy compulsive liar for starters, but she reported a missing ipod and the cops somehow ended up at the house, so my friend claims, and she let them in the house. one of the people that lived there, who already had a lot of priors, got blamed for everything already, but I am not sure whats going to happen from her giving my name and claiming that I sell herbs....
  5. denydenydenydeny, thats what I would do. But don't just deny, sit down and think about how you're gonna do it.
  6. gear up and get ready for a shootout
  7. i mean fuck.......i dont have any priors....annnnd they dont have any proof of any of the bullshit that came out of her mouth, but cops can definitely be wordy conniving manipulating motha fuckas!!! but what about the remains of the male plant?? would they weigh that and consider the weight as being "POT" or just an unlucky dude getting fucked with a male plant?
  8. Step 1: Get rid of/store everything. Everything. Weed, pipes, bongs, grinders, plants, lights, every last seed

    Step 2: Get a new roommate

    Step 3: Admit to nothing if questioned
  9. Deny deny deny like the other guy said, what male plant? :p
  10. haha exactly...what plant...someone framed me....thanks guys, if anyone else has anything else that i should know pleaaaase let me know!!! but if i deny everything like i plan on doing, is there like ANYTHING they can get me on??? they have no proof other than what the bitch said....
  11. Yeah they can only go by what she says so you have to make her seem like a less credible witness. Just try to make her look worse than you do and they'll believe you.
  12. you should be fine but if they find out where you moved to they might watch you for awhile and try to build a case against you. so u might want to be really careful for awhile.
  13. DO NOT deny anything. All you should do is plead the fifth at every opportunity. You just admitted guilt here, so denying would be lying to the LEOs, which is only more fodder for the prosecuting attourney. It is your constitutional right to remain silent.

    REMEMBER... it is the prosecutor's job to prove you guilty, so don't make his job any easier.
  14. Yes man don't even say anything. If they want to talk to you, you could always tell them you don't feel comfortable talking to them without your attorney present.
  15. I'll tell you the first thing I wouldn't do, and that is post a thread on an internet pot forum in lieu of getting advice from people who actually know what they're talking about. :wave: Somehow it seems like we're only getting part of the story here.
  16. this.
  17. i never admitted anything, im not guilty is all i got to say. but but yeah ur right i should be quiet. i know a fair share about the laws around here but i dont know every detail or anything even close to that. i just wanna know like what the worst they could do is. i KNOW that someone on this site has been in my shoes before in one way or another, i figured yall would be the best to get advice from.

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