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Discussion in 'General' started by schultzy225, May 2, 2011.

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    On a real note, is there an estimate when this shits gonna be back online?
  2. partially next week and fully within this month
  3. This month just fucking started!! It's gonna take ages!
  4. That's too Fucking long... I wanna plant bombs, and kill people already!
  5. Man.

    Take away peoples on line gaming and they go ape shit.

    Play some good single play modes while you wait.
  6. I wish it would go back up already. I need something to play until L.A. Noire comes out, and I've beaten every single player game I have
  7. This is why RPGs are so much win.

    Take lost odyssey for example. The game is 4 discs long. You'll rack up at the bear minimum, 70 hours trying to beat it. And thats without doing all the side quests.

    RPGs FTW
  8. I have dragon age.

    But it sucks balls imo. I don't have the attention span or willingness to put that many hours into a game.

    Well not true. I have 2+ days of online cod under my belt.
  9. it went down the day after i changed to 360 xD
  10. RPG World: PLAYSTATION 3 Edition list

    Heres a list.
  11. lol nerd ragin over no online games... i think i outgrew that shit when the original xbox live was on and all of the eleven year olds dominated
  12. Good thing I chose PC gaming. :)
  13. Not so much NERD RAGE. Just upset in general. Online gaming is a great source of entertainment. I only said what i did, because too many people only care for online, and not single mode.

    Or it seems to appear that way.
  14. The fourth
  15. Meh nothing catches my eye. Except alpha protocol, that looks nothing like an rpg might check that out.

    I'm more into fps and racing. I'm pretty damn good at dirt 2. I can beat the computer easily on it's hardest setting so no online with that game is pretty fuckin lame.
  16. Ahh.

    I'm more into horror, fps, action, and rpgs.

    I need a story when i play my games hehe.
  17. Lmao, you were doing it wrong.
  18. I don't play rpgs with the exception of Fallout 3. I get stoned and can play that shit all fucking night...just exploring but my ps3 died...fml
  19. Yes. Normally your supposed to go ham to the little boys until they get too upset and start to cry then leave the room

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