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playstation 2 vs xbox

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Help and old man out who has no clue on what to buy. Santa Claus got a last minute request to bring a new game system to a 9 yr old boy. Santa had alreay loaded his sleigh for Christmas Eve, but told the little boy he would get him one after he got back to his workshop in the north pole.

    Now Santa Claus doesn't know which game system to bring this little boy. He wants to make sure that the right system he gets the little boy is appropriate. Like, will the system play DVD movies as well, or will Santa have to get him a DVD player too, since all the new kid movies coming out are no longer in VHS, just DVD format. And Most importantly, Santa wants to know which game system has the best selection of age appropriate games for a 9Yr old. Mrs Claus would be very unhappy if the only games the little boy got to play were of the Grand Theft Auto variety.

    So help Santa out which system is best for a 9Yr old?
  2. PS2 is what i have and i love it.

    Also, if you get the x box, if you want to watch DVDs you have to buy a 30 dollar attachment thing.
  3. I have both Xbox and PS2. But I think the system with the most games for younger players is the Nintendo GameCube. I'm not sure about it's dvd ability. PS2 and Xbox both play dvd's but with the Xbox, you need to get a adapter thingy. PS2 has a better game selection, and I think it plays dvd's straight out of the box. In my opinion, the xbox is a far superior machine. It loads faster. It has a internal memory, so you won't have to buy a memory card, ( to save your games ), for a while. Plus, you can save music into the xbox, and incorperate it into some games. If you get him a PS2, make sure you get him a memory card. Both systems can go online, but with the xbox you need a high speed connection. All the systems have games that are made for children. But in my opinion, the order of " child friendly" game console is

    1. Gamecube
    2. PS2- By far the LARGEST, overall, game selection
    3. Xbox- I myself haven't hardly touched the PS2 since I got this badboy

    Hope this helps you out some. I try to be open-minded about game systems. You wouldn't believe how defensive some people get about the whole PS2 vs. Xbox war. Good luck with your selection. And it sure is AWESOME to see a parent who actually takes time to make sure their kid is seeing stuff that is suitable for the age! Rock on dude!

  4. I agree with just about everything u said..i myself am an xbox guy. My 8 year old brother loves the xbox also, hes mainly into football, hockey games. He likes to play halo and other first person shooters like 007 nightfire

  5. I appreciate everyone's answers to this post and will take evryone's opinion into consideration. Santa has made too many choices in the past that got outdated too soon. Such as, getting him a gameboy, right about the time they quit making gameboys and went to advanced gameboy. And also getting him a N64 and then the next year, they quit selling N64 units.

    From what Santa has seen at the stores, there are probably more gamecube games that are appopriate for him, but gamecubes are soon to be the way of the dinosaur. Santa just wants to be sure that whatever he buys, will be on the market for a few years.

    But keep your opnion coming, Santa still hasn't decided yet.
  6. gamecubes can't play dvd's,but they have appropiate games(like mario the king of gaming) and the console is cheaper than ps2&xbox.
    xbox in my opion is the same as gamecube only it can play dvd's,but the dvd attachment is around $30-$40.
    ps2 to me is the best it has larger game selection,the dvd attachment is only $15,also appropiate games,so i would suggest to get him a ps2
    hope this is some help
  7. PS2 is dope BPP...

    should of made a pole about it...:D......................................................

  8. Playstation doesnt need a DVD thing to play DVDs, its optional (its really just a remote control you install rather than using the regular controller)
  9. That jolly o' elf from the north brought my home a Gamecube. I'm not into games such as Grand Theft Auto or those fighting or those Special Agent---shoot'em up games......and I personel---do just fine with Nintendo. Mrs Claus would probably be okay with that.

    I might add......which ever system you do buy.....try to also buy a 'wireless' controller.....your 9 yr old will be the most popular in the hood.
  10. Go the x box you can upgrade it with new chips and stuff so it wont go out of date and Im sure the games selection will soon be equal to playstation
  11. weve always been happy with the playstation, then ps2 can get alot of the old child friendly games for around 10 bucks, 50 for the new ones :) playing dvds doesnt need an extra adapter like someone else said, your game remote runs it, like someone else said :), you do need an extra remote and a memory card, like someone ELSE said,
    but itsa good game system, and the only thing weve had in our house for years and years that my children never managed to break.
    my kids had a ton of kids games for it.
    whats the date???/your still buyin'em gifts?lol
  12. just a tip on the outdated videogame software bpp...

    they work on a 5 year rotation. PS2 and XBOX have been out for 3 years now, so you can expect PS3 and the new XBOX in 2006. Always 5 years.

    For the youngster, id get a ps2. easier to use controller, more age appropriate games, and DVD compatability right outta the box.
  13. i prefer PS2...better games (IMO, although i do like halo for xbox) ive watched a few DVDs with my ps2 and i think it actually worked better then the DVD player i have lol...and there are plenty of "childrens" games for PS2, such as racing games and my little sister likes the spyro game and jak and daxter id go with PS2...just my opinion tho lol...sorry, im a lil outta it ;)
  14. ps2, dvd, all kinds of games, and ivf he doesnt like it you can take it, its gota nice stash in the back
  15. DEFINITELY get an xbox. They rule. You never have to buy memory cards cuz they have a nice big hard drive, they can play dvds, they have a really good game selection-more than 300, count em-, they have better graphics, more games have online support, and there are more and more games coming out that will only be on Xbox, either because Microsoft bought the rights to have it that way or because the Xbox is just a more technically advanced system. And they had a holiday gift pack that includes extra games for the same price, which might be on sale now that Christmas is over. Plus, Halo 2 is coming out, which is worth the cost of the system just by itself.
  16. I own all three, and I just got my Xbox this Xmas, and I truely love it. Fast load times, incredible graphics, 2 sizes of controllers, no memory card hassle. The Xbox was built to be upgradable, so you will be able to keep up with the times without buying a new console. Then with Xbox live you have a whole new world of fun. The only thing I do not like about the Xbox is it's lack of portability, but I don't know if that is an issue for you.
  17. im very fond of ps2 an game cube myself....

    though i'd take the ps2 over the lot... they're sturdy and provide entertainment levels for the entire family....

    plus they have a lot of new interactive games wich are really fun to mess around with....

    i'd go ps2... but thats just me.

    p.s.- think of the madden o4' and the ncca gameday 04'.....worth it right there...

    edit: for some reason, i completly despise x-box...
  18. i wish i could help you out, i would say xbox if he was of appropriate age, ps2 by far has the most games and is simple to control, dvd, and some systems come with the network adapter. xbox gives you a 2 mos sub of xbox live, but then you need broadband, and money to play online. ive done that and have always remained pissed for having to pay for the game and then have to pay to play the game i just bought. ps2 doesnt do that to you. i am now on my second ps2, the newest one i havent even opened yet because i may take it back for an xbox, or buy an xbox. here is my new one still in the box and the old one, destroyed :)

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  19. Well, your best choice is the PS2. It has so many games available, probably thousands. It can play PSX games, dvd's and 'blue bottom' PS2 games... which can and DOES have problems because of that..... After about 6 months your PS2 will start "disc read error" messages and either play blue/PSX games only or DVD/PS2 games only or neither of them, because the laser's misaligned or some crap, and it'll cost you enough to get it repaired, that you'd be better off buying a new one. There are little tips/trick to help it last longer and to get it going again, but I for one, will NEVER buy a PS2 again, unless they make it a DVD only machine.
    PS2 will play DVD movies out of the box.

    I don't have much experience with the Xbox, but I've played one before and it operated alot faster and didn't have those disc problems, but I just didn't think there were enough games to justify spending $200 on one.
    Xbox plays DVD movies IF you buy an extra attachment or something, I think.

    Now here's a choice you might like... GameCube, it's from nintendo and is the worst choice for anyone who wants to play games like GTA or any 'violent' 'non-childish' games. GameCube is a youngsters game machine.
    I don't think this one plays DVD movies

    Hope that helps... huh, I typed more than I thought.....

  20. two ps2's and an i-90 (i-730 is really nice, ya should check it out) an i think we have the same carpet...

    damn i to buy a damn system

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