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  1. I bought a PS1 off ebay the other day and I connected everything up as it should be but I went through every channel on my TV and there's no display, I checked all the AV channels and still nothing, I thought it might be the cable so I used a different cable yet same problem, Thinking maybe it is the TV that's the problem I tried it on a different TV with both cables that connect the PS1 To the TV but the same result.

    I've just bought resident evil 1 and want to get nostalgic but this problem is getting in the way :( anyone know why this is happening?
  2. Sadly, it could be the PS1 itself. Make sure you switch through all the TV inputs just to make sure. However, if that doesn't work and the different cord doesn't work then that only leaves one thing. The console itself :(. Contact the seller and let them know about the problem unless somewhere in the auction they stated that it is being sold "as is". Those two little words are the sign of receiving a crappy product. Never buy anything "as is" lol.
  3. +rep for PS1.. Ahh the nostalgia...
  4. The ps1 might be internally damaged?? Check with the seller. How much did you pay for it?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, however I've sorted the problem now, it seems the TV was the trouble, I found an old one in my attic and decided to give that a shot and it worked :D, however I can't play resident evil without a memory card unless I want to go all the way back to the start when I die :(
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    lol I remember my ps1....and as a kid I was a huge DBZ freak, so I really wanted them to release a DBZ game for us to play in the good ol US of A but of course they never did(now theres a new dbz game every few months >.<) in frustration I ended up blowing Hundreds on some Japanese Imports and a converter for the PS1!
    The games kinds sucked, but I still played the shit out of them.....

    DBGT Final Bout
    This one goes for 900 bucks new these days...

    DBZ Legends


    DBZ Ultimate Battle 22

    Good times.....

    of the three Legends was Probably the best...the other 2 were just bad....But Legends was a blast...
  7. 900 bucks man! Crazy how things like a video game get all jacked up in price after many years. I wanted to get Earthbound for the SNES and saw them for as high as $3.5k on eBay. I mean fuck...that's insane.
  8. Damn you an pry find a PS1 emulator on your computer man.

  9. Really though....thats why these days I tend to hold on to everything I get....just in case it brings in the bucks later....
  10. Could be a video region format issue... remember when we had PAL, SECAM, NTSC/J, NTSC/US, etc... across the world?

    Oh I remember as a kid in France DBZ Legends was so popular in the 90's that you could only find a few import copies and that was worth loads of money
    Had my Japanese gf to buy it for me in Tokyo lol

    Now Final Bout at $900? That's a joke coz' that game was sooo bad
  11. Did you try it on another TV?

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