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  1. Alright, i recently inherited a flute (not metal) from my father.

    The only problem is, I have no idea how to physically play it.
    I have a background with playing the trumpet and other brass instruments, but I dont think that helps very much.

    So, just how do you blow into this thing?
    Whats the embrochure of your mouth supposed to be like? (spell check?)

    Its a one piece flute thats made from bamboo

    And im sure this thread will attract millions of people :rolleyes:
  2. You gotta make a kissy face and blow air over the a coke bottle.

    What the fuck is an embrochure?
  3. from wikipedia

    Yeah, ive tried blowing over the hole....
    even with the kissy face
    (i had 4 years of highschool band which were mostly spent looking at the girls playing flutes)
  4. Eh, i played French horn in high school. Sorry i cant help though.
  5. I once got a sound out of a flute, to the best of my recollection, I had to try for about a week first.
    Stiff lower lip tuned slightly in (teethward)
    Stiff upper lip pursed slightly out
    Try to whistle blowing straight down into the hole, and just keep trying. It looks so easy, my cousin is a concert flautist, I tried it and found no aptitude at all. Good luck though.
  6. Is there a mouthpiece on the end or a hole about 2in from the edge you blow into?

    What im gettin at is are you sure its a flute and not a fife or recorder

    If its a flute i cant help you

    Fife and recorder music is avaliable online

    There is an online textbook for learning the fife
  7. It's a flute, I've got a good handle on it though :)
  8. ive met some chicks that play a mean '' skin flute,,!!!!!!'' ....

    [​IMG] <INPUT id=chk_2 onclick=objThumbview.handleImageCheck(event); type=checkbox value=StankyPoontang.gif name=selectedmedia[]> that just aint right <<<<<<<:D

  9. Theres no way IN HELL thats the kind of flute I was talking about! :p
  10. hahahahahah !!!!:eek:
  11. okay dude, I think I can help you a bit here. I dont personally play the flute and never have, but my mom used to have one so i fucked around for a second. Place your pointer finger horizontally directly under your bottom lip so that it "folds" over. Thats what you're wanting to do to the mouthpiece. Remember you're not wanting to blow into the hole at all, but blow wind OVER the surface. It takes practice, but you'll get it I'm sure.
  12. this whole bending of the lip sounds very complicating !!!! [​IMG]
  13. Get real fuckin good and create a Jethro Tull tribute band.

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