Playing Sports While High

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  1. for anyone who plays sports or enjoys any outdoor activities, this is for you.
    i absolutely love getting high before doing something energetic. i play hockey a lot, just men's league, and me and my friends love smoking in the car before going on the ice. it relaxes my mind better so i'm not so jittery on the ice, i actually move pretty smooth (if you've ever been on ice skates, you might know what i'm talking about). plus the cool air in the lungs is SO refreshing. (undefeated in men's league by the way, a team of stoners). i also enjoy kayaking and smoking. one with nature while getting a workout at the same time.

    there's gotta be some ball players out there. i know there's 'boarders on here that can relate. what do you guys think?
  2. I played intramural baseball last year high.

    I just smoked in my dorms parking lot, was packing my sh1t to go home to my parents house and the RA from my dorm who is in charge of the intramural teams calls me and goes "hey man what are you doing" and I'm high as shit and I just go "sitting in my dorm" and he goes "were you planning on coming to the game tonight?" and I'm like "no" and he goes "well can you come we really need you" so I'm like *shit* "yeah i'll come".

    I get there, and put on my cleats and I see that there's only 2 people in the outfield so I think OK, at least I'm in the outfield.


    "Hey man go out to first base"


    "first base man, we have a guy who has to leave. We'd be two people down without you"

    So I go to first base and play an inning and it was fucking crazy. I honestly don't even really remember that much. Then after the inning was over I told the pitcher (who was my friend) "hey man I'm so fucking stoned right now switch me to outfield" and he just laughs and switches me out there.

    it was funny but weird at the same time. I don't really like doing anything on a weed high. Opiate high though, I'll do anything.
  3. I love getting high and playing sports with my friends, I wouldnt do a serious sport high though. They call me the white mamba when I get high and play basketball. :smoke:
  4. first time i tried playing basketball baked was in 8th grade i think, it was lunch and we we're playing on the court, some grade 12th or 11th chick caught my attention and the ball smoked me in the head.
  5. I always surf high but most other sports I would play better sober, I just choose not to.
  6. i like being high for hand-eye coordination type stuff. if i had to run for a distance there's no way i could be high for that. i've even been golfing high, and i'm a solid golfer. then there's disc golf. in my hometown, the cops walked the disc golf course backwards on 4/20 trying to bust people smoking. what a joke.
  7. Yeah i love to play basketball and ultimate Frisbee (my two favorite sports) stoned. As long as I'm focusing on the game, I feel like I have more control over my body. I like to try out new moves in basketball and new throws in ultimate Frisbee.. In fact, my high school Ultimate Frisbee team was 100% stoners (surprise?) and we were 2nd in the county.
    Also, after a couple hours of playing sports high, eating food is the most gratifying thing EVER.
  8. drugs and sports!!! woooooo
  9. when i was 16 i umpired little league games for 40 bucks an hour. Baked at every game. Good times.
  10. skiing is the best when high. also, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and hockey are favs
  11. Playing football and especially basketball high is amazing. I always thought I shot better high. Baseball baked is too hard, the reaction time isn't there. Softball is straight though. Biking high is awesome. Paintball is legit too.

    Some people like to play ultimate frisbee or disc golf while baked, but I don't care for either of those games.

  12. jujitsu dude

    you become a weird cross between a wizard strategist and a well-oiled machine

    fucking intense
  13. i know of multiple D-1 and D-3 hockey players who literally play their games stoned. same goes for some D-3 basketball players that i know of. it's a crazy world, folks. steroids is a form of cheating. obviously some people see smoking and sports as crazy, but some of these players use it as an advantage.
  14. Soccer is the best sport
  15. hell yeah going to the skatepark high is fun as hell. I cant skate as good as i normally could sober but just cruising around the bowl is super chill
  16. that's what i can't do. all that running and heavy breathing...
  17. I can't play most sports anyway, so getting high isn't going to make that any better. But I do like to smoke a joint and then go for a nice long putt on my motorcycle:)

    My hat is off to you if you can play ball high. I wouldn't even try.
  18. I like to kayak high if its a run I an familiar with or something easy but never anything that is pushing my skill level
  19. I've done running/endurance training while high. Kept thinking I was slacking off and that my coach would notice. Turns out I was running PBs. Only I spewed halfway through which sucked because I was my first time spewing while high >.>
  20. I like playing lacrosse, or running around. But I can't do straight up practices, or go to the gym for some reason.

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