playing safe, will it destroy the weed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chillin, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. As many vistors come to the house i have had to resort to drying the plants outside. The plants are chopped up resonably and hanging upside down in a sort of a shed. Now the problem is , is that because i live in wales the wether can get cold even when its getting to summer. Will this destroy my weed??? Would it help to chop the buds to smaller ones and the hang them.

    If it is vital ill have to bring them inside is this totaly nessasary???? Ooo and is it a good idea to cut the fan leaves of the big bud when drying??????

    Greatly appreciated,
  2. Keep an eye on the harvest for mold. If you find mold it is to humid and must be dried out as soon as possible.
    No mold then leave them to dry as is.

    Good Growing!
  3. IMO trim the leaves back at much as you can, try and hang them in a dark and aboout 20-25 C room and open for a bit of fresh air every now n then. works for me. bend a stem and if if cracks then its time to cure.... and if it is dry to the touch...
  4. i'd cut them to smaller branches, and bring them inside, hang them in your wardrobe, no one should be going in there, that's what i do with mine, works fine, it's dark and room'll still be too cold in Wales to do it outside, and you seriously risk mold, and also it will decrease the potency of the weed...........Peace out..........Sid
  5. just read wot i sed n i meant cupboard, not room, i hang mine in a big cupboard n just open the door for fresh air every 6 or 8 hrs
  6. Life saviours. to think i nearly fucked it on the last hurdle!

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