playing poker for a living?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by stinkyy, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. What up blades. So just felt like braggin a little about my poker winnings. So far I have been playing poker without a job for a little over a month. This is live poker at the casino in the north carolina mountains. Well for about 80 hrs play I am up $2,000. I play 1/2 nl holdem on these electronic tables call pokertek. Im hoping poker keeps going well so i don't have to get a real job over the winter. Right now i am making about $25 an hour. So hopefully if I start to actually put in some real hours i might be able to do well. Anyone ever played poker live for a living? I was kinda semi pro for a while back before internet poker went out the door but, i played single table tournaments then. Playing cash games is totally different but I think I have already figured out a way to beat this game on the regular.
    Stoned as hell right now on some good outdoor from last season by the way. Peace
  2. i won 10,000 $ on full house poker on xbl! suck on that lol :D
  3. made a living on online poker back in the 'hayday' of online poker. Not so much now, still play here and there, Really would love some live games, but no casinos really around here. I've moved over to the sportsbook and havent looked back :D
  4. Ye I played a lot online but games are rough and people know what they are doing now. Casino is the way to go if you can make the drive everyday. Had to stop bc gf wants me to get real job and poks ain't a job u can have a family with unless u make a big hit and put it on a house or smt.
    Don't give up job or school unless ur really wrecking the games

  5. Lucky dog.

    I heard that WSOP would be up that way in 2013. I'm assuming you're in Cherokee?

    When that tourney happens they plan to switch to full on live, not those whack ass pokertek games.

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