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  1. i know women are famous for this but guys, do you tend to do this or do you stay away from game playing? i know its probably a lot more drama than its worth but i think today i turned the tables on this girl.

    im not usually one to purposely play games so i feel a little bad. what do you guys think? do you just stay away from the drama or do you think its all part of the game
  2. I believe it's an essential part of courtship, there must be some mystery from the man especially, women must deal with their transparent, gossiping girl mates all day, and seek something of an 'undiscovered continent' in a potential male suitor.
  3. you got a good point. i dont totally disagree with playing games but theyre pretty childish. i guess im just not used to this stuff since im fairly new to the game
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    It's a must my friend.
  5. Yeah it's not a 'game'. It's making the other person percieve you as not desperate or a valuable commodity.
  6. When you've established that you have a life or at-least have given her the impression that you have one, make sure you maintain radio silence for as long as it takes, that stuff just drives girls up the wall and back and they almost always give in and begin to feverishly text/email/SMS you, demanding you acknowledge their existence, in this moment you will realize she is actually interested in seeing you and you must do everything to maintain some semblance of power, make her see you as a potential protector, a man of reason and civilization, and things will only get better from there.

    But women aren't stupid, infact they are usually more keen than the man they are interested in (you) so don't sputter out any bullshit about your life that isn't true, because she'll eventually deduce and debunk your little white lies, and then she gets to watch you classically facepalm over and over again telling her you can't live without her and all that stupid shit men say when they they know it's never going to be as good as it was when you first met.

    I speak from innocence and experience.

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