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  1. my boss tells me last week that he got starcraft 2. now, he knows i'm an avid player, i talk about it at work all the time. I work in IT, so we're all pretty nerdy. Anyway, i've played with my boss, and one of his friends, but he's never played with my friends. My friends are crude, offensive, and...well like to smoke while we play.
    Today, we wanted to play a 3v3 and one of my friends was on and my boss was on. I wanted to have all three of us play, but i have some reservations, and my friends dont want to have to censor themselves.
    I think all of these people would get along, theyre all gamers and computer guys.

    Any advice? any anecdotes?
  2. I am disappoint.
  3. Have your friends turn their mics off, and just type in chat. After your boss is more comfortable around them, turn on the mics. Just be sure they're respectful, being able to game with your boss is a great way to gain rep, but being vulgar and rude right out of the gate could turn him off, ya know?
  4. I was kind of in the same boat and I tried to merge my two seperate groups together but it just didn't work, the group of 2 buddies I tried to bring into a lobby with a group of 3 buddies for some 6v6. There was no chemistry at all, we ended up getting our asses kicked (frustrating in nhl11) and the 2 different groups just didn't work well together (on the headset in a lobby). Needless to say, we have all never been in a lobby together since.

    If you invite your boss and your friends are obnoxious, he might take it the wrong way and just automatically put you in that category, but he might not as well. Maybe secretly your boss is a huge stoner who only swears and cusses online then he could fit in perfectly.
  5. tell your boss to man up before he plays. gamers are relentless
  6. Not played online with my boss, though quite the few co-workers.

    However, a month or so ago, we had a little company outing. With paintball :)

    I got on the same team as the head of the AV department where I work, but still, great fun. I got really exhausted though. Physical exercise is not my strong suit.

    The big honcho, co-owner and CEO of the company showed up as well. We tried to get him to play a round - joking that we had a nice yellow rabbit suit ready for him. :D

    He preferred staying by the grill cooking up some BBQ instead, wonder why? :p

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