Playing craps at casino. Help?

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  1. Hi all I have some questions about craps that I need answered. I kind of know how to play, but say I bet on the first roll(come-out roll).

    1. If the person rolls a 9 and it goes to another round, will I have to increase my bet with another? Can I do this?

    2. If I can, do all people at the table need to call it or am I only betting against the house? If I bet $5 and someone increases their bet, do I need to increase my bet in order to stay on the table?

    3. If I only put $5 on the table, is there anyway I could lose money that wasn't on the table. Like I bet $5 but then lose and need to surrender $15 more dollars or something?

    Thanks all, I appreciate it.:)
  2. If I am understanding you, then you are saying that to start, you have a $5 passline bet on the comeout roll and the point 9 is established, the to answer your questions:

    1) You don't have to increase your bet, but most people play the odds on there bet. Most casinos offer a 3-4-5 odds (which means if the point is 6,8 you can put 5 times odds behind you pass line bet, if it is 5,9 you can put 4 times, and if it is 4,10 you can put 3 times odds), so in this instance with a bet of $5 and a point of 9, you could put a additional bet of $20 behind you passline bet (this is the best bet on the table). Once again, you don't need to do this if you don't want to. you can play your inital 5 dollar bet.

    2)You are purely playing the house in the game, so as long as you are betting the table minimum, you don't have to change your bet because someone is betting more.

    3)There is no way to lose more than you have bet on the table.
  3. Thanks a lot!

    So if I'm understanding you correctly, since there is 4 ways to roll 5 or 9, that's why you can back it to 4x the original bet? and the same with the others being 3 and 5?

    1-If I can do 4x the bet with a 9, can I just choose to do 2x my bet and put down $10 behind it? Also, I would place that bet in the 'COME' part of the table right?

    2-I know on the tables there is numbers like 4, 8, 9 and all numbers. From my understanding you can put money on those numbers which is betting against the roller? Well what if someone bets on the 9 and it gets rolled? Do they win? Does it still go into that second round or does everyone who bet on the passline lose their bets?

    3-Lastly, can the roller place bets?

    Thanks so much it's very appreciated
  4. Although I am not 100% sure that the odds are normally 3-4-5 because of the number combinations, but I am sure that I have seen casinos with as big as 100X odds. You can bet any times the odds you want. (ok to do 2X when the max is 4X)(question 1). You do not place the bet in the come box. The come bet is something completely different. You want to place the odds bet right behind the come bet (between the come bet and yourself). Betting on the numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 10) is not betting against the dealer. The bet works the same way that the passline bet works (the number must be rolled before a 7). The only difference is that while the passline bet number is determined on the comeout roll, anytime after a point is established you can place the bet on the number you want. As for winning: if the person throws the point, the pass line is payed and there is a new comeout roll. If the person throws a number that you bet on, but it is not the point, you get paid and the person continues to roll. The only time the person stops is when they 7 out. The only time you lose your bet on the passline or a number is when they 7 out. and lastly, the person throwing has to have the minimum passline bet out the beable to throw the dice.
  5. well,if your gona play craps,your gonna need some of this :D

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  7. well that was hilarios.....NOT.

    thanks a lot for the help andre, I think I got a real good idea of it. Turns out my dad was a big craps player in his day and that's all they gambled on, so I talked to him about stuff.

    Does anyone know if I'll have to put a casino/hotel on reservation?
  8. The only real way to learn Craps is to play it. Go online and find it

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