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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Silky, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    My sister has a bottle of 30mg LA Ritalin Capsules which my mom lets me use for tests and exams. Last night I took 60mg and ground up the beads and snorted them. It was my first time snorting anything and it was pretty fun. The process of snorting it was fun itself but the high I got was much more impressive. I used a mortar and pestal to grind up the Ritalin and a lot got stuck in the pestal, so I had to make many seperate lines (12) after scraping it out several times. I find it funny how people said it hurts to snort when I barely felt anything (High Pain threshold). I hear that is similar to cocaine, how true is this? Thanks.
  2. It doesn't numb like cocaine, and don't use a mortar and pestal. You will get other shit you don't want in it, which could hurt your nose.

    Just put the beads on a new piece of paper and crush em with a nickel.
  3. Ritalin/bipolar made my go insane for the first week of school this year, the worst part was that it was a legit Rx for ADD, it's funny the only thing that kept me from completely loosing it was the schedual I herb I smoked along with the Rx, that was a terrible week
  4. The only similarities between ritalin and coke is the fact both are a stimulant. Ritalin is an amphetamine like methamphetamine, adderall, ect. And im not sure which family cocaine is in, though.
  5. Dont use a mortar and pestle lol wtf?

    put the balls in a piece of WHITE paper, and crush it up with a coin or a lighter.
  6. Ritalin is NOT an amphetamine, it is a non-amphetamine stimulant.

    Big big difference.
  7. How much do you guys snort when you do it? I'm curious as I have snorted 60mgs and I feel it's pretty weak. I just snorted 20mg and that was even weaker. Maybe it's the substance but what do y'all normally do?
  8. i hear it's similar to some nose candy but i'm not 100% sure on that
    it's weaker then most stimulants so your dose may have to be a little higher.... don't raise the mg extremely quick though because you don't want to OD. just raise it 20mg at a time
  9. I love ritalin IR 10mg tablets. I could rail those bitches all day.
  10. I have only a couple 5mg IR tabs left, then I'm down to my last 2 30mg LAs. After that I'm stuck on 36mg concerta. Hopefully I'll be getting my misdiagnosed adderal prescription within a week. This will be the first prescribed to me. lol

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