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Play Your Cards Right..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FiveOnIt, May 16, 2010.

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    You got out on bail for a unreg firearm!?

    You should be so happy for that.

    An unreg is at least 2-5.

    How the fuck did you get bail?

    I swear man, be grateful for that shit! Fucking hell people dream about bail on unregs.
    And it's a glock as well! I wouldn't have been so surprised if it was a .22 or something little.

    Count your lucky stars cause that shit won't happen again buddy...
    You fell through a loop hole
  2. Wow man, you've been through a lot. Maybe your problem is people, It seems every problem you've had has been started by someone else. Try being more careful about who you call your friends. Also, I know a bunch of rednecks who have no jobs and just sit around in their dump-ass trailers; smoking weed and drinking beer all day. They don't worry about shit, maybe you just need to move on to a simple life.
  3. subbed for later i want to read this shit but i dont have time now
  4. yeah i know im lucky, and i have been careful. im reuniting with my brother and father on memorial day weekend.. ill let you guys know how it goes
  5. maybe not memorial day weekend, nevermind.
  6. HOLY SHIT dude you have an amazing story. I'm very sorry that you had all the fucked up stuff happen to you, and some fucked up freinds/family. damn man thats all i can say. i dont have shit to complain about after reading your story. and the criminal records and jail times....fuckhhh man. i also really liked a girl named brittany, but she became a druggie/slut. fuck her now, i dont care. the worst think i had happen was my grandmom die from lung cancer... fuck cigarettes... but im glad that you find refuge in GC. i really dont know what else to say bro.
    PS - Calm ur boner lol
  7. thanks for the sympathy man. i'm sure one day i'll look back on this thread and see how much i was whining but GC is pretty much my counsellor or my listener to my problems. i just needed to vent.
  8. I loved your story, it was a shitty story but amazing. You seem like a very strong willed person, I believe you will get over your struggles and make a name for yourself. I believe in you dude, just keep on going forward, it's all behind you now.

    Also, I googled "Steady stressin', Smith and Wesson, count my blessings" Because I couldn't remember the name of the 2Pac song, your thread is the 3rd fuckin hit on google man. Thats fricken' insane. Before all the damn lyric sites and shit.
  9. It s a fcuking net, they call it karma and you're playing, you don't have a fuckin' choice unless they do'
  10. A passion or an anchor is the only thing that will keep you sane. A constant to speak. Something that never changes, for me it is drawing. I can always grab a pencil and a piece of paper.

    Smoking bud too.

    You just have to find that thing that doesn't change and you love. Something that can help you escape your issues when you need it.

    That is all I can say I haven't been through shit like you but that is the stuff that keeps me sane.
  11. thanks man, i draw too. i also like to drive (hah). but i can't really do that anymore.
  12. Keep your head and never stop learning. When the going gets tough, remember love.
  13. That^^
    Seriously it helps soo much just having something like that. Doesn't matter if it's drawing, poetry, music.. anything.. just put your feelings on paper. Just sit down , get a page out write what ever you feel. It makes things alot easier trust me. Anyway totally feeling for you mate, nobody has it easy that's just the way it is. Hang in there.
  14. Well, last night I saw my uncle. Yeah. The one who called the cops on me. Well there's a lot more he did before that - including causing my father to lose his house. I don't know exactly how he did it - but he did. So here's how the night went. There was a family reunion, so I decided to go. I wanted to see my sister, see how she was doing after my nephew died, see if she moved on. Well I saw her, she did, but of course, we still all miss him. As I was going to get a drink, I bumped into my uncle. I stared him down, got my drink, and left. I knew I was going to confront him. 15 minutes passed. 30 minutes passed. The clock struck nine. 15 minutes passed. I walked over to my uncle, socializing with my grandfather (also a douche bag). I pretty much just yelled at him there. I told him everything that happened was his fault. I hope I made him realize what sort of prick he really is. And you know what he had the nerve to say? Let me tell you, "Well, if you weren't such a drug addict, your life would be normal!" Right there, I busted a nut. It was finally time to tell my whole family that marijuana isn't a bad drug, and I did. The climax of my rant was taking his beer, dumping it out, and telling him alcohol was worse than weed. Back to the story. I ended up hitting him, and leaving. I didn't need anymore trouble. I knew I should have just left, but I needed to tell him he was an asshole. Fuckin' aye.

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