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    hello Grasscity. I was wondering do you guys ever make a special playlist on your ipod for when you blaze. I got anything from jimi Hendrix to 2pac to magical trick society (pheonix wright music remixes) to bobmarley and boston. What about you guys? do you guys do something similar? :)
  2. Hell yeah man. I got my own little smoking playlist! Has lil wayne, kottonmouth kings, snoop, and a hella lot more haha:D
  3. I used to have a 'stoned' playlist. It was mostly art rock, stoner rock and psychedelic music.

    These days I just listen to songs that I feel like listening to on shuffle. Works for me.
  4. Gorillaz, Kid Cudi, Garden State Soundtrack, atm
  5. some straight raw gangsta beats, wu-tang clan, method man, biggie smalls, curren$y.. there's more im just too high to think of them..

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