Play Counter-Strike?

Discussion in 'General' started by illcid, Jun 17, 2003.


Play Counter-Strike?

  1. yes! CS 4 life!

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  2. no.

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  3. What the fuck is CS?

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  1. Anyone here play the greatest game ever created? The game is counter strike,

    info at:

    The greatest part of playing CS is playing it fucked up and with your friends.
  2. if i had half life my life would be a shambles and i would play 18/7 (gotta leave time for school)
  3. no but i play a game called Tactical Ops. Its just like CS, but on the unreal engine and ten times better.
  4. I used to play TO but I didnt really get into it, CS has a wider fan base, I mean:

    there are tournaments worth $200,000 for the winning team

    Their are clans sponsored by Intel and Nvidia and COMPusa...

    Counter-Strike is a big deal and lots of people play all over the world and really get seriouse.
  5. Another similar game is AAO (America's Army Operations). It has more of an objective oriented theme than CS (but surely not lacking in fighting), and I find it preferable. Another huge bonus: it's FREE! Visit and download it!
  6. i love cs. a friend of mine got me into it about 2 years ago and i played non stop for about 9 months and then played a little less. it will forever be my favorite game though. the fun never stops. last summer i would bring my comp to a friends house for lan parties where we would play till 5 in the morning. are u in a clan. i was for a bit. havin admin powers is damn fun and i abused them all the time. my friends would come to the server and i woul noclip them so we could knife all the noobs. now im in a local clan with a few of my buds. i go by larson's mom or hubert. come fids me some time and we can tear some shit up. i dont play 1.6 cause i like 1.5 too much.
  7. well, 1.6 is a beta n00b fest... CS has too many hackers now, I am in a clan, well, Im a leader of a clan, (f2) Florida Fragged

    We have a prvt server and were in cal-o.

    We just like to have fun, all my buddies are in it from school so before we play we will burn one then totally be rude to people and make funny comments. its so much fun, I dont know if its better than playing XBOX live drunk but its up there!
  8. Calling all players dude I play all the time. If i'm not postin threads here i'm splitting domes on CS.

    ***We should get a Grasscity team going****

    I play under Greenbudz or I throw a pitch for this place and play under

    Where's the teams let's get one going

    Clan tag ideas?? [*GC*]
    GraSSciTy GrAssCitY let's here some ideas i'm all game. If interested e-mail @
    I usually play from 10am- 3pm Eastern time

    Peace Greenbudz
  9. hell yeah man, thats sounds like a good plan, well uhhh...hmmm

    (gC) whatever

    -.GC.- Whatever

    I got a server, ill just rename it to "The City -" or somthing like that, here is the ip go check it out!
    PW: gonga

    lol, this might be pretty cool! Sombody make this thread sticky!

    [Grasscity] Greenbudz.

    It's 2:30 pm est
  11. lol...I tried to connect, damn this thread is'd it get all the way up here?
  12. i used to play a little cs on the pc and my room mate bought it for x box the day it came out so I've been playing that now. It has bots! :) We just need to get his x box live hooked up through the schools network. We know it's possible but havent been able to do it so far.
  13. I played it a little when I had a University's T1 LAN at my disposal. Didn't run too well on my old POS computer, though. Unreal Tournament was my weapon of choice. Facing Worlds CTF, low-grav, insta-gib... Awwwyeah
  14. I've started to not play as much many assholes are playing it. Whenever anyone does anything wrong, they call you a n00b, I can't stand any of it. There's also a shitload of racists who like to come on and fuck with people.
  15. I used to play all the time....

    but ever since ppl have started to cheat like crazy i quit....i cant stand playing with ppl who cheat and i dont like to cheat myself.

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