plausible end of the world scenerio?

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    I'm blazed doin homework about environmental nuclear catastrophes; basically if there was a world war 3 in this time period countries would use nuclear weapons (obvi). The mass impact from just a few nukes being set off (especially if it were to be on different places on the globe) would create clouds that stay trapped in our atmosphere and dont let the sun in. This same type of thing happened with the dinasours with the meteorite, where all plant life died and they were unable to eat.

    Basically where I'm getting at...Considering all the radical legistlation and sketchy government business that is going on lately, do you think we are approaching the end? With all the detainment laws and internet censorship that is trying to be passed, would you say that someone is up to something? The economy is in the hole still (as far as I know), and we are eventually going to have to pay China back when they bailed us out (or will we?). When you think about it, an election is coming up - not to mention all those Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning to come back. Those guys have an "overthrow the government" type of vibe to them, at least thats what I saw in my hometown Portland. Even if 2012 mayan alien disaster doesn't happen, there are so many wackos out there that believe shit is about to pop off (look at how many documentaries there are on Netflix). It just seems to me that we are approaching a time where people are fearful and have no faith in the system (for many particular reasons). What are your thoughts? Are the recent events in the past few years a forecast for an unforsaken future?
  2. i say the first country that uses a nuke should be immediately nuked! theres no need to cause that much havoc on the world we live on!
  3. even this has potential of causing catastrophic effects on the globe dude
  4. China won't attack the US because they depend on them for exports, most of their business is from the americans. It's more likely that we'll have an oil crisis or something. Technically speaking we're all only three days away from anarchy at anytime. Grocery shops only carry an average of three days worth of food, so the minute food stops being shipped to a city (because we all know nobody grows local food anymore) because of oil shortages or high prices that city is going to be essentiallly destroyed without outside help. Realisticly people could probably stay civil for more than three days but who knows? I think the occupy wall street people are full of shit, most of them probably don't know what caused the economic crash and don't realize that they can't sustain their spoiled lifestyle. We are no worse off than we ever were, the world isn't going to "end". People have been saying that since the begining of time because everyone says the past was better. It's like a "the grass is always greener on the other side" type of thing. Anyway I'm really rambling now and nobody's going to read this anyway...

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