Platonic's tolerance break

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  1. After about 2 years of smoking daily, with occaisonial breaks, I've decided to do a month long T-break to see if its worth it cutting back.

    The things I want to see if my T-Break improves are

    -Energy throughout the day
    -Mental clarity

    I also want to do a "swipe" of my cannibinoid receptors, I want my brain to be as if It never smoked, and see what its like. I have not been sober in a while, I haven't smoked some days, but I still did not feel exactly normal.

    But yeah, today is Day 1, and I'm going to document here my observations, failures etc, so maybe others can decide if its a good idea, or take idea from my experiances!
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  5. Very kewl.

    It is very kind of you to share your knowledge with us.

    Best Wishes.
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  9. Focus...Focus...

    This is not about gender; it is about a person's T-break experiences.:)
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