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  1. nice better thanmy exp lol bought 5 seed 4 didnt germ one got 3 weekscin flower and stopped left it 10 more weeks (no idea why) never did a thing tho i got some more to try. But left it a while as it was a new release when igot them
  2. I no longer carry it. Hey antics what is the max temp as of late.
  3. Yeah. Hit or miss for sure. I got three strains. Hash Plant, Early Vixen, and Haze Extreme. The Hash Plant was a total bust. very weak genetics, I only took one of the 5 into flower, and it was pathetic.

    The Early Vixen was good. Very easy to grow, decent yield, great smoke for anxiety, and two distinct pheno's.

    The Haze Extreme was....interesting. It said 8-10 weeks to flower, lol. Haha! Try 16-18, lol. And the plants were all different. Some with more traditional bud shape, some with unreal foxtailing, and one, the keeper, I dubbed "Medusa", due to it's endless braids of calyxes that aim to take over your entire grow space, lol.
    I also got 1 male and 4 females out of the 5 seeds I bought. Pretty good % for regs. The male I did get may be a really good father for breeding. It's pretty much 100% Haze, has a muck usually reserved for females, and forms extremely tight nodes. and vigorous like crazy. I've had to bonsai it harshly 4 or 5 times in 6 months. I'm just getting ready to cut some clones off of it to make some pollen. And Medusa is in re-veg.


    Medusa is THE best smoke I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I can't remember the last time I proclained any herb to be the "best" i've evr had. But this is! I can't overstate my appreciation for it's effects. It's an energizing buzz that gets you out of your chair and gets those creative thoughts flowing like red wine, lol. It does not, however, give you the slightest hint of paranoia. It has a surprising number of amber trichomes that level things out. As if that isn't enough, it seems to make those aches and pains fade away. It's relaxing, yet energizing.
    This Pheno is 1 in 100, if not more. It's the stuff they used to make thai sticks with. It's just strings of calyxes, so you put'em together lengthwise and tie 'em together.


    And this was the other one, it was a 14 weeker


    So I, like you, came to the conclusion that their stock is altogether, unreliable. There is some good stuff in there, but it's impossible to know what you're getting. I wonder if there is someone out there who has recieved seeds for one of their strains from two different batches. What I mean is, you know when they sell out of a strain? Well I wonder if the batch of seeds that puts the strain "back in stock", is consistent with the previous batch?

  4. Wow PLaid, that plant is insane!?!? I can't believe how long it took to flower! I have a Thin Mint plant that'll be at 9 weeks tomorrow and it's killing me cuz it's my 1st plant I've ever grown, and from all my reading it seems the new growers tend to chop too soon. So I'm toughing it out and waiting haha, the trichs are about 80%+ cloudy. So I'm assuming a while left? I'm lost honestly, it looks and smells like nothing I've ever saw which is cool lol. So awesome watching it go from start to finish, I love it! Oh and that smoke sounds unreal, do you have any plans to run it again? Have a good one
  5. Oh yes, I have plans to run it again as soon as re-veg is complete and I can cut some clones off of her. I also pollinated her with some Fem. pollen from the 20YKS, a local outdoor strain. I got 40 or so beans, making this my first cross, of sorts. The 20YKS finishes in 7 weeks indoors so If i'm lucky, i'll get a fast finishing, Haze dominant pheno. I should get a lot of variation. The 20YKS was very stable with Very little variation. The thai Haze on the other hand, well who knows what landracey genetics are in there, lol.

    After 3+ weeks of Veg time after Harvest I saw the first Three fingered leaf on her. It first began growing more leaves that gradually got larger, but they were still looking like "bud leaves". The last leave or two grown on each shoot are very much "Veg Leaves".

    July 9th, two days after pruning roots and re-potting. There are 50 or so beans on this thing.
    july 09th.  two days after root prune.JPG

    July 26, cut off more "flowers", lol. You can see in the second pic new, larger leaves, but still not full veg leaves.
    July 26th (1).JPG
    July 26th (2).JPG

    Today, Aug. 7th Nice new fully formed Veg. leaves. And down on the right side, the first three fingered leaf, =)

    aug. 7th (3).JPG

    Soon soon


  6. Sorry Antics,

    It is my fault, I did not noticed that, there is a mistake. sorry for all . yeah, we will not sell that light anymore, too many same one on the market, it is not good for making products.
  7. Real quick update. Gotta run in a few, and still got a ton of your journals to catch up on.

    The Ventech exhaust fan has developed a squeak, which has not only been driving me nuts, but has me concerned that the fan could seize due to a bearing issue, so I'll be contacting them when I have time. I have turned the speed down, which has caused temps to increase to about 80F, so it's at the high end, but we're doing just fine though.

    PlatinumLED Bulk:

    Mars-Hydro Bulk:

  8. Can't believe I wasn't subbed up in this sooner.

    Stoked to see results.

  9. Good morning GC, it's update time.

    Here's our side by side in the tent:

    Now lets get into the girls.

    Here's the Incredible Bulk under our PlatinumLED P300:

    And here's the Bulk under the Mars-Hydro 100x3:

    And some measurements on the girls, Platinum's Bulk is catching up not only in growth, but height as well:

    And here's our Bulk under the Mars her growth hasn't changed much:

    Now we've kept our lighting distance the same up until this point meaning I've left them at a distance of 26" 66cm from the soil, which worked out to roughly 24" 61cm from the plants. I have adjusted the lights today, and we're now looking at 21" 53.3cm from the light to the plants, or at least as close to 21" 53.3cm as the hangers would allow.

    Here's our 21" 53.3cm measurement on the PlatinumLED side:

    And here's our 21" 53.3cm measurement on the Mars-Hydro side:

    Mars seemed to have a stronger start, but don't forget Platinum was behind a little over a day when the seed hat, and seed coating ended up stuck on her leaves, so her first opening was 31 hours behind Mars. We saw a little stretch on the Mars side, and growth came more in spurts instead of steady while being given the full spectrum of lighting. Our Platinum still held on strong, showing less stretch and more steady growth through each day while only receiving the Veg spectrum and less overall wattage.

    We're going to let them adjust to the new lighting distance for a day or two, keeping a close eye for any signs of bleaching, light burn, stretch, or any other signs of stress, and assuming all is still well during this time, we'll reevaluate how things are going, and we might flip the bloom switch on our P300 to even up the battle and give both plants full spectrum lighting.

  10. Good morning Antics. I caught up on your old thread, and found that you started the side-by-side. Super stoked for you brother! Everything is looking great brother!
  11. Great update my friend.

    I flipped both switches on one week before I flipped seemed to work well interested in you using both in veg.

    My Platinums are pretty much just for bloom but still am curious about both switches on sooner. If it doesn't seem to help I'd assume leaving them off may save a few pennies
  12. Hey man, nice seeing you around again! Welcome aboard the comparison grow, things have been really pretty fun so far, with updates every day, or every other day, keeping an eye on seedling height, light distance, and all the small details we usually just ignore. Definitely a fun experience, and it might be something you'd be interested in doing in the future!
    Thanks man, always a good thing when you have compliments for my grow with all your experience.

    I'm sure growing with just Veg straight through would be just fine, but from what Mark at PlatinumLED told me, is most growers flip much earlier than the 12/12 switch, so with that being the most common option, I'm going to go that route, just to stick to using the light the way most growers are using it. It just makes things more realistic in my opinion, and less like a lab experiment, so to speak.

    So far, the girls seem fine with their 21" 53.3cm distance from the lights. I'm seeing no bleaching or stress of any kind, so we'll see what tomorrow holds.

    We're expecting a package tomorrow morning/afternoon of the rest of the parts for the top end rebuild on my girlfriend's engine, so I'm planning an evening update for the plants, which will make approximately 36 hours of the lights at 21" 53.3cm, assuming everything is well tomorrow evening, we might be flipping the Bloom switch on Tuesday morning.

    I'm also curious to see how things go with an early bloom switch. She's shown steady growth with no stretch under Veg only spectrum, so it'll be interesting seeing how growth changes with the added spectrum.

  13. Just a quick note about lost posts, hopefully this might help someone.

    I just posted the above, and it ended up lost. I refreshed my followed content page, and didn't see my post show up. So I opened the topic, scrolled down, and nope.. no post. I noticed a small floppy disk icon in the top left of my reply screen, the only one on the bottom row (But might show up differently on different browsers, screen sizes, etc..)

    I clicked that, and it brought back my lost post in a pop up window, with the option to insert. Clicked insert, and viola! My post wasn't lost. Hopefully this helps someone!

  14. I'm wanting to order seeds but I'm not sure what site to trust. Can anyone offer any help? I'm looking for indica dominate strains that have high thc levels.
  15. My favorite is But the single seed center is great as well plus they take bitcoin
  16. Thanks I'm going to check them out.. Do they accept credit/debit cards?
  17. Also what do you guys know about galaxy hydro LEDs? Thinking about ordering one to save some money on LED.. Their expensive as hell
    Sorry they're
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    I would post that question here:

    I'm comparing Mars and Platinum here, and would like to avoid polluting the thread with discussions of other brands to prevent confusion.

  19. Quick update since I left my tape measure out in the garage.

    PlatinumLED Bulk is sitting right about 2.5" or 6-7cm

    Mars-Hydro Bulk is sitting right about 3" or 8cm.

    No problems with bleaching, burning, no stress, and both girls look perfectly happy.

    I'm going to flip the Bloom switch on the P300 tonight, and run her in full spectrum for a few hours tonight, and a few hours tomorrow, and check in again to see if there's any issues. If not, we'll run the P300 on full spectrum for the remainder of the grow.


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