PlatinumLED Mars-Hydro comparison grow

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    does a BMW 365i go 365mph or have 365 horsepower? No? whatever man, i'm done arguing with you.. typical mars fanboy. Seriously what is it with Mars fanboys defending their shit lights like its the last purpose they have left in life. Must be that feeling of being ripped off and not wanting to admit it.

  2. I use mars, advance, twilight, grownorthern im not a fan boy. I would like to try platinum im more fed up of ppl bashing leds and leds that actully work. So no not a fan boy lol i just love led
  3. morning Antic, morning all, looking forward to seeing how they doing today[​IMG]
  4. My thc bomb under a Platinum led with one other plant will break an hp so 2 plants under there that's 1.49 grams per watt and I bet my tents gpw is even higher.

    If your on a budget or a fairly new grower sure mars will work but if you got a Lil extra cash there are better panels out there nothing wrong with that.

    I'll bet my whole next crop the platinum will beat the mars by around. .25-.40 grams per watt.
    Another question why do mars not advertise par. When I initially asked you about par Sara you gave me lux😉

    Have a great day antics.
  5. On a side note all can speculate and claim which light is better. We will just have to wait and see.
    I have seen the P450 break an lb with Curso and a couple others on 420. Never seen the mars do that yet of equivalent wattage. I'll be breaking hp maybe hit
    3/4lb on a plant this cycle not sure.

    Just cause I haven't seen a mars do it doesn't mean it hasn't happened but I've not seem massive yields under them as of yet.
    It actually would be higher than 1.49 gpw cause its not actually pulling 600 watts.
  6. It's actual wattage drawn is 345 so I'll hit 2.59 approximately if you base it on wattage drawn.
  7. Morning guys. I see y'all have been busy. Both lights can grow our wonderful plants. That's all we want to do is grow right? They all have different price tags, draw, spectrum and par. Ultimately it's all about your wallet and what you can afford. Some people grow with cfl cause that's all they can afford. No point in arguing here at all. Let's just watch Antics grow 2 beautiful plants.
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  8. Nice post.
    Mars didnt have par but i believe. They just invested in a par meter so hopefully they will publish results soon there just hella busy as there about to release there new light and the engineers are tweeking it looks like a lovely light
  9. Perfectly put i just dont like to see good lights bashed. ive had from my mars 2 400w (177w draw) is 1.4543gpw with autos in 78days . When i next hang my mars ill do it with photos and veg for 5 weeks.
    Wish i had more room tho.

    Id say the same if someone was bashing a platinum light tho i cant convey it with as much passion as im yet to buy one if i did and i got a decent yeild with quilty bud id be passionate about it ive tried alot of leds.

    Tho looking at duttys grow now things are getting good and that 9ph is making me wanna grow it. Cant wait to get some beans
  10. 9# hammer is solid.

    I recently crossed it with white lightning so hopefully the hammer of the gods turns out well. I'm popping one right now.

    Yeah I'm not to familiar with Leds this is my first time growing with them. I have been in a few mediocre grows using other led brands and wasn't to impressed there is a ton of garbage out there.

    I truly think it's personal preference and limitations of each grower that will make the final choice.

    When I bought led I was seriously looking at
    Neosol ds
    Bml spyders
    Advanced led
    Platinum LED

    I liked the communication from platinum and neosol bml took forever to reply as well as advanced.

    It came down to journals I'd seen succeed as no one by me runs led really mainly gavitas.

    Got good deal on my Platinums and they work as well as my hids so I'm happy.
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    A little Bud Porn to start the day!
    SK1/Kush and Haze


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  12. Ooh hammer of the gods thats a pretty cool strain and i like the fact it sounds like a norse theme haha
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    I'm not technically bashing the light, perse, just their marketing tactics.. It's what truly turned me off on them. I hate slimy salesman. When I ask, "hey what PAR readings do you get at 12, 16, 18, 24" hanging heights and what kind of coverage? and the repsonse I get back is blah blah engineering keeping it a secret, blah blah, confidential, blah blah.. i just can't get behind that.

    but yea, lets just sit back and grow [​IMG]

    still waiting on my dutty genetics =/ slacker.

  14. The Hammer of Gods! Nice! Gotta be one of the coolest strain names I've ever heard. Is that your creation?
  15. Need to get me some hammer of the gods and grow its with nectar of the gods haha.
  16. I hear that. I had the same experience with CRop King Seeds. I asked them what I could expect in terms of pheno's, nutrient preferences, trichome color,, etc. You know, all the things that a grower would want to know about the strain they are growing. They "unfortunately" couldn't help me with that. "Proprietary info", lol. Bloody pollen chuckers! They couldn't tell me because theyt either didn't know because they didn't take the time to research the strains they're peddling. Or worse, it's because they just went a bought a bunch of true breeding stock from sensi or something, aand made a bunch of F1's. IMO, a company that performs one cross with strains that are not theirs, and then sells the progeny as thier own creation, well they are not a seed company that "is dedicated to preserving genetic lines", lol

  17. Thing with breeders is they can get away with the whole not talking about it cause its illegal even if your a legal grower. I tried so many times to contact feminised seeds about some seeds but they would not respond too it as soon as i sent one about buying oh look a reply then inasked why none of the others were replied tonis because i was talking about growing them.... Wtf lol joke
    Just like if i walk into a seed bank in uk and i can buy all the seeds inwant if i mention about germinating them they then by law cannot sell me the seeds lol what donya think im doing keeping to look at....
  18. Crop kings has been very hit or miss for me.. I am finishing up a jack herer auto grow from them that was great, I bought some regular blueberry that have all been huge duds.. terrible genetics.
  19. Things are getting a little out of control here. I'd appreciate if we could keep the arguing to a minimum, if not gone completely. I just wanted to compare two lights with this journal. I didn't come here to babysit.

    I'll try to get an update in tonight, this weekend will be a bit busy, I have to rebuild the top end of my girlfriend's engine, so I may not be around much, and if I am, it'll only be early morning, and evening.

    Read back to page 4, I answered your question as to where Mars-Hydro claims the 100x3 is a replacement for any 600w MH or HPS. I also provided a link. If the link doesn't work in your country, I can provide a screen shot as well.

    Now please, let's stay on track guys. It's just a journal comparing two lights. Nobody is winning or losing, nobody's ego or pride is being attacked, I don't care if you prefer Mars or Platinum, we're all growing for our own reasons, as long as your light works for you, that's what matters.
    And lets leave the arguments at the door.

    If this happens again, I'm just going to remove posts, and ban people if necessary.

    Go to my other grow journal if you want to argue :)

  20. My lemon kush hit 26ozs roughly with female seeds. But it was one of three phenotypes and wasn't that great sub par just yielded awesome.
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