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  1. Antics, I promise you , actually I did not intend to advertise our price, I just want to be more fair, my mistake, dis not think too much, sorry.

    I am not sure where we stated 100x3w replace 600w HPS, usually tell customer check the LED draw power, then replace the same power HPS. If there is a mislead information, please let me know, then we can correct it , thank you very much.
  2. This is horrible since draw wattage doesn't equal led growing power.
  3. It's all about par
  4. The blue spectrum will give you tighter node spacing the purple will give you stretch just like mh and hps
  5. will sure be monitoring this thread as i am looking to go with the mars II

  6. and the grower what the point in having a bugatti if you cannot handle its power

    Ppl go on hard about par but i can yeild (gpw) just as much if not more with a mars as some of you have with platinum leds.....

    I like the idea of a comparasion but what if you have 2 different phenos theres gonna be a differnce in growth and yeild.. Which may lean one way or another.
    The full spec of the mars will mean more stretch than the platinums only veg spectrum
  7. Since the page seems to be down from your website I had to use an internet cache to find the information again:
    In the product description it states that it replaces any 600w MH or HPS.

  8. I have also seen this and was under the understanding it was a watt for watt deal, it just used less power because it wasn't emitting unneeded spectrums.
    The inaccurate information put out there about these lights has been the main reason why I haven't purchased.
  9. What are you talking about veg spectrum? Platinum has a much more complete spectrum than mars.. It's 12 band with the bloom switch on.. Platinums are dual mode veg for seedlings and bloom for everything else.
  10. As in hes got the veg switch on veg more blue correct?? More blue the light the tighter nodes and shorter bush like plant.
    Reds elongate plant cells so
    This and other pheno type may be why the height difference..

    Still mars pannels are great pannels for growing just waiting for somefat buds off both tbh seen it with mars pannels
    Im hoping i see the same with platinum pannels.
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    same, their shady marketing tactics has kept me away.. "1200 Watt LED!" "Hey guys it only draws 600w!"

  12. I wouldn't call them great.. but they'll grow some flowers sure.

  13. Lol 1.4gpw of quality bud it better then when i used hps
  14. lots of led companys do this and im pretty sure platinums dont pull exactly what tgey state
    1200 watt is the total of all diodesif driven at 100% since that would be stupid there driven around 50% anything past 62% produces more heat than light thus inefficent.
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    actually platinum states the exact wattage draw of their lights. they don't use any underhanded selling tactics other than a quality product. My next light though I think is gonna be a Amare solarspec. Been talking to these guys a lot and really like what they have to say.. check out these readings on their spec150 that just came out.

    The SolarSpec150 par is 1061umol@18", 688umol@24", 426umol@36". Flowering 18-20", veg: 24-28", depending on coverage requirement.

    When this same question was proposed to sara she gave a run around about "confidential top secret light patterns" on that other forum that i won't even bother to name.

    Look brother, when I was looking to purchase a LED light I don't just blindly hate a business for no reason. They are a-typical of any chinese run business and I just really want no part of it.

    Not gonna argue w/ you anymore about which light is better, we'll let antics grow do the talking and he asked very nicely not to.

  16. Lol thisquote isfrom the platinum website
    The P450 effectively replaces a conventional 600w HPS grow light while only consuming 255 watts of actual power,

    So 255w when its called a 450 and apprently replaces 600w hps.....
  17. I don't know how much I trust most of the people doing super positive reviews because they do on ebay and amazon but I know for a fact some "fake" lights have been sold. I will say, I see a lot of people being helped by smokersara and they update their negative review. She might be their biggest arguing point.. The way it sounds, I should buy 2 and just have one on standby for when I have to send the other in for repair. As long as the warrantee is honored...300$ for "700w 300+ actual" isn't terrible.....I guess. 😐😕😯😦😧😖
  18. it's a model number.. the P450 in no way represents any type of wattage.. It does replace a 600w HPS while only drawing 255 watts, son can I have some of what you're smoking? That is in no way misguiding someone... saying a light is 1200w and is a 1:1 replacement of wattage for HPS/MH is a flat out LIE!.. Wattage doesn't even matter anyway.
  19. So your saying p450 can yeild me 27oz as thats what i would yeild From 600whps i highly doubt that and calling it a 450 is a tactic as i thought it was 450 ish watts

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