PlatinumLED Mars-Hydro comparison grow

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    Quick height update.

    PlatinumLED Bulk is now just shy of 1.75" 4.5cm. This is roughly a .1" .25cm growth in 24 hours.

    Mars-Hydro Bulk is sitting at 2.5" 6.3cm at her highest point. She grew approximately .5" 1.27cm in 24 hours.

    Light distances will be adjusted tomorrow to account for the new growth.

    And I made a cool little picture for the comparison grow in my sig. What do you guys think?

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  2. I love the signature!!!!!!!!!! Looking great man, I can't wait to see how this turns out!
  3. I'm not to late for this... I'm in for sure
  4. +1[​IMG]
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    That's part of what makes it difficult for customers to choose the light for their application. Anyone can shop by price, or numbers on paper. But even on paper, some manufacturers list PAR numbers for their light, and others list LUX, making it impossible to truly compare two lights side by side. And this doesn't even account for differences in diodes, lenses, drivers, fans, and heatsinks which can all greatly affect performance.

    The goal of this journal, is to compare two lights, which are similar on paper, but I want to get down to the nuts and bolts of things, and see which is better. I'll be closely looking at everything from spectrum, to penetration, vigor, plant density, plant height, bud density, trichome production, potency, and quality, to name a few. I'll also be comparing light cost vs. yield/quality/potency on this grow. A yield comparison is great, but a big yield is useless without quality and potency, so this comparison will be made all together.

    Both lights even claim to replace specific HID lighting, Mars claims the 100x3 "more than replaces any 600w HPS or MH", while Platinum lists their light as replacing a 400w HPS. I've seen grows from 600w HPS as well as 450w HPS so we have some pretty big claims that I'm going to be looking to see fulfilled on this grow.

    The strain I'm growing for this comparison is very vigorous, strong, and potent, especially during stretch, so these lights have a lot of work ahead of them when we start testing penetration.

    I would also ask that there be no advertising for your lights here, like the price advertising that I removed above.

    I've been on this earth long enough to know that a better price doesn't always mean a better deal, and at the same time, price does not always dictate quality. I don't want to see any followers of my journals ever make a decision based on price alone, so we're going to be looking at the real proof here.

  6. And a morning update on the girls.

    The whole tent:

    Lights are at the same height, which is 26" above the soil, the leaves are still drooping on both girls, so I'll wait until later for another measurement update, and will readjust the lights this evening.

    PlatinumLED Bulk:

    Mars-Hydro Bulk:

  7. I'd watch that stretch on the mars one you may get a damped off seedling. That much stretch would start to worry me.

    For the record I never popped seeds under led.
  8. Hey Guy
    Did you have a Mars Light catch on fire
    Some dude posted ya did and thats why he would never buy one
  9. It was Curso Fourtwenty his light melted at cord input it's in his thread. There is also a theory you can cook an egg on one.
  10. I watched a fairly large local grower switch from hps to Mars and he lost yield freaked out and broke most his panels. Dudes a hot head but can afford his tantrums
    Ive personally never tried one and have seen results so I personally have no opinion happy with my Leds though.
  11. Fair enough
    If the cord is not plugged in all the way I can see that happening
    But a melted cord is not a light fire
  12. Thanks bro, welcome aboard. And yeah, I've seen all the PlatinumLED videos.
    Stretch isn't too out of control, so I'm currently wondering if it's even stretch anymore. There's no growth pattern yet, but I'll have a better idea this evening when/if the leaves start praying upwards.
    No I did not (Just to answer so all can see it).
    As Dutty said it was Curso.

    That would not be enough to cause a fire in itself. There just isn't enough voltage or current present to arc that far across the terminals.

    To have a fire happen here, you'll need a lot of heat, and minimal current draw, as to not trip the breaker/blow a fuse.

    Any type of short would cause a breaker to trip, or a fuse to blow. The circumstances experienced by Curso would lead me to believe there was a draw higher than the power cord and/or plug on the light could handle, but not enough to open the circuit. But whatever the cause was, he was able to catch the problem and prevent further damage to his property, and save himself and anyone else from injury.

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  13. Exactly antics. Was gonna post similar. If he wasn't there it would have been worse. And it was fully plugged in stiggy. Them lights get crazy hot seen it first hand that's why I didn't even consider them.
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    This is not my thread to really get to involved in but I bet mars fans may be extremely disappointed in these results. We all shall see
  15. I dunno ive had some great results from mars pannels and they dont get hot well mine doesnt ive had plant touching the glass and no heat stress
  16. I went and checked mine also
    the tops were very coolthe glass was just slightly warm, and the exhaust out side vents was blowing cool air no where near warm or Hot.The cords were all cool to the touch and the connectors were plugs into the LED were cold.
    Mine have also been working very good
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    oh boy this guy following me around.. I'm "The Guy" who was talking about the mars metling and catching fire.. apperently he also doesn't believe that the other site deleted the post about it to protect Mars Hydro their #1 sponsor... Someone please correct this fool.

    Since I made a mistake on the person it happened to, my bad, everything I said is a GOD DAMN LIE!

    This won't even be close.. the mars is gonna get served a fresh helping of ass whoop.

    Also the platinum guys said 18" is optimal. I've had mine as close as 13" in flowering with no problems so far, but I've been keeping it at 16-18". I think instead of keeping each light at the exact same height, you would get a better side by side, using each light optimally in the same environments, set and setting.

    I also use the full spectrum in veg and the girls seemed to love it.

  18. I know the feeling brother, one mistake and a witch hunt begins.
    Curso can fill him in on those details, since I didn't see the original post that was deleted.

    I was trying to figure out the best way to compare the lights, keeping them at equal height would let one sit in its optimal zone, and the other may not be at an optimal distance.

    But if I switch things up, and go straight to optimal distances for both lights, we may not get a clear idea of penetration and instensity.

    So the current plan is to keep a range for each stage, and allow each light to do its best within that range.

    For germination and seedlings we're staying in the 24-30" 61-76cm range
    For Veg we'll be keeping both lights in the 18-24" 45.7-61cm range.
    And for Flower, we'll keep both lights in the 12-18" 30.5-45.7cm range.

    It's the best possible option I could work out to keep both lights in a similar range, allow them to sit in, or as close to their sweet spot as possible, while maintaining a similar footprint for each light.

    I talked to Mark from PlatinumLED about the Veg/Bloom switches, since I wasn't sure on when the best time to flip is, and he said most people switch on the bloom while still in Veg. So it seems that the Veg spectrum is being used mostly for germination and seedlings, so that's the route I plan to follow as well.

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    really excited to see this.. either way i don't think it will matter.. i've been looking at these solarspec that everyone has been unboxing the past few days and talking to the amare guys and they seem pretty legit.. excited to see some grows with these newer techonology COB lights. But they're expensive..

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