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  1. IMG_1069.JPG hey guys I'm currently going on week 7 of flower and temps here in so cal have been around 100 degrees. My plants went from dark green to yellow with brown spots. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think I can do to resurrect these girls.

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    hey buddy if your lower leaves turn first its a lack in base nutes, NPK. the leaves curling up like that is a sign of environmental stress aswell. are they outdoors?
  3. and what are you currently feeding them?
  4. Yes they are outdoors I have been feeding them fox farm tiger bloom but swtitched back to grow big hoping it would help, it has helped a little
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  5. Mine are doing the exact same thing up here in NorCal.... I'm thinking it has to be the heat

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  6. It looks like drought stress to me, probably need to water volume and often. Peat moss becomes hydrophobic when it becomes to dry. Try submerging the whole pot in a big bucket of water then take it out once all the air bubbles stop five ten minutes.
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  7. Thanks brotha!!!
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  8. Week 7 not much you can do but ride it out. Plants look good.
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  9. Are you growing a longer flowering sativa? If not some yellowing later in bloom is normal.
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  10. Bulldog is right, damage done to the leaves is done, they won't get better. That being said the plant looks fine keep it well hydrated and five to six weeks it should be bad ass girl to chop up and store in jars. Just like any ex girlfriend you have had.
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  11. You might have broad mites or lots of heat stress, judging by the top leaves. Also look a lot like root damage. When the roots rot the leaves will do that. How often are u watering? You aren't suppose to keep watering when hot. Only if you have to and if the pot is empty. If there's already water, all you're doing is increasing compactness which creates perfect environment for fusarium, pythium, verticillium wilt and other fungal pathogens. Fungus loves moisture and high heat. Combine the two without prevention and it's a recipe for rot. I foliar spray my plant to cool it off.
  12. If you're feeding them then they should NOT be fading, period. Unless you watered for a month straight. So if they're still fading then it means the roots aren't doing their job.
  13. If the plant stands more erect in the shade or at night then u might have a root problem. That's another way to check. Try to see if any of the roots are red or pinkish

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