Platinum led: P300 or P450???

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  1. I'm planning on upgrading from cfl's to LED's and for my price range Platinum seems to be the best bang for my buck. I'm looking at either a P300 or a P450, my cab space is 3'x22" so a P600 I think would be a waste as it's several inches narrower than either the 300 or 450 and would barely fit on the long end. My question is, would the P300 be sufficient for 3 plants thru flowering? I'll go with a 450 if it's in my budget but it's nearly $200 more so if the 300 would work I'd rather start with that. Just looking for input from anybody running LED's, especially if you're actually using Platinum's. Thanks in advance for any input.
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  2. Hey. I have a p300. Bout to move from direct CFL to direct LED in tent. I'll let u know. I'm 2x2. Trying a scrog.. Got get em that high alive tho! Had a dangerous pH issue I handled today. Keep me posted if u get. Watch seedlings under them!! They burn easy! W no heat!! 3 feet for direct seedlings. Introduce em gradually from CFL too. inch em out into direct LED. Best success for me is starting under CFLs. Seedlings jus don't need as much light as a p300 throws.. Let em stack a few nodes then introduce to direct LED gradually. Curious how they bloom.. Lmk. I'll lyk.
    Over all great light. Dude I called the hotline asking why I experienced drooping first night under direct LED. Marc CALLED me back on my cell less than n hour later w detailed info. Customer service 100%. Dude there true full spec to. Even a green LED on there dude.(Known to be mysteriously beneficial..) I'm pretty sure this is the company to go for on our budget. Assuming your jus a self sufficent type like me..:love-mj::gc_rocks:
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  3. Also. Next to NO heat. Still need atleast a passive exhaust system tho if your in a tent. (Easiest environment to control indoors). can get u started for under 150-200$ (minus light) w a tent. Good exhaust fan, ducting, and depending your climate, a small vent blowing IN as well (active exhaust system). Pulling in fresh air if passively won't do it thru screens. The hobby itself. The fun of raising something is phenomenal..
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  4. I've gone outdoors with my girls, at least for the next few months. 18+ hrs of daylight where I live right now, I just couldn't stand to keep them cooped up inside. I work seasonally, so if this work season goes well I'll have the money for lights, enough other crap has come up/broke down that it's gonna be a tight squeeze though. Once my new house is done I'll have one room specifically for growing, so probably not going to be in a tent or cab. Now I'm seeing good things about the CED lights and I'm not sure which way I'm going to end up going, energy consumption is a huge factor for me as I'm off grid so battery bank and inverter with generator back up. Probably start with LED's still, but the CED's don't use that much more power for better light coverage/penetration. A local shop here is using one and the results are fenominal on veggies.... Way too much crap up in the air at the moment, but I'm living what the sun is doing on my outside girls. I have a 3 month old sativa dom (bagseed so saying sativa dom based on how she's growing and obvious signs like fan leaf size and finger length, etc) that's almost 4' tall, just started her on a forced flower outside since Sativa's usually take much longer to flower and it'll be too cold here if I let her flip natural.
  5. I'm with ya on how fun this hobby is, it's almost addictive. Worst part for me right now is I can't smoke cause of work till the season is over so I'm just sitting here drooling over these girls, smelling there wonderful perfumes and watching my winter medicine get all fattened up while I beat myself up working. Lol
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    Hi do you know how noisey the platnium fans are?

    I'm looking for a tier 2 light, I first thought platnium wasn't any better than mars hydro but after some propper research and not going off post replies I've had the platnium is on my list now. Still need more research.

    Replies to my threads have led me to these lights could anyone comment on which is better and by how much?


    Plant photonics ds130


    Hans bonsai 180w ish or his silent hans light.


    Grow northern holographic. This is out of stock and quite alot more than I wanted to pay anyway.

    Does the platnium p300 out class these lights?
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  7. I was sure somebody told me platnium are just over priced mats hydro type lights.

    But I just wread a mars hydro 300 vs platnium p300 thread. It's very very long but the results was the p300 produced about 50% more bud.

    Again it is pricey tho this p300 and the other lights I'm looking at have cree and Bridgelux leds in them. For a cheaper price tag.

    My head is spinning on this topic lol.

    I would rather keep my budget to around £250uk for a light I can easily use throughout the grow in s 60x60x140cm
  8. Whats up @butcher87. Our p300 has a core coverage area of 91x61cm, so it should fill your tent nicely. You could also get by in that tent with our p150 which has a core coverage area of 91x46cm may work well for your needs. We have both of these panels in stock in the UK ( with free shipping. P300 is currently £284uk and the p150 is £169uk. Please let me know if we can be of any assistance. Cheers, Tom
  9. your exhaust system will be louder.. if our doing that, but other wise there pretty much whisper quiet i have a p300 w 2 big fans
  10. a p300 will exceed expectations in a 2x2
  11. 150g dry lastyear. .8gpw

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