Platinum led major backorder issues buyers beware

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  1. They took my money april 4th. Confirmation email said order processed and i will recieve 5-7 business days. No other info. So here we are april 13 i call find out why no additional info still and where is my light. Rep says all backorders are shipping today and tomorrow and they have 300k worth orders to ship still by 2morro and sorry bruuuh but all backoders arrived at warehouse like today. Im just pissed there was no mention of it being back ordered. I feel they scummed me. Will wait another week i guess but that is just piss poor custy service

    Grimmy fuck


    And yes im mad bro

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  2. I don't blame you.. I'd be pissed too!! Who did you order from?
  3. Wow.. That nuts! I agree they should have kept you informed on the backorder, instead of telling you it's been shipped. That is really shitty customer service.
  4. It's what happens when a company gets busy. Things happen man and I can't blame you for being upset (have been in the same situation with equipment) but people operate differently and sometimes you have to roll with it. It's only been 9 days which doesn't seem to crazy behind. Be thankful it's not a few weeks. Then your money you put out really seems like it's gone. I own 8 Platinums and Mark has been good to me but not every great business is always perfect. Sometimes just gotta roll with the punches. Besides, good lights are worth the wait. LOL

    Plus I hope you realize 7 business days is Monday to Friday and then Monday and Tuesday of the following week or starting from whatever day you ordered it..

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  5. Shitty customer service? It's apparent you have never been on the business side of things with such a statement. Things happen, people get busy and I can guarantee all of us are guilty of maybe not doing our job 100% one day or one week where it could have affected people in a similar situation. Maybe they have been busting their ass to get things done. Would you have rather received and email saying its back ordered and they spend 2 extra days let if everyone know or them focusing on the issue and you receiving it a week late? Pick your battles.

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  6. Whether you agree with my comment or not.. It's my opinion! If a company is gonna have some sort of delays after you had already given them their money then you bet your ass I wanna know. 5-7 business days is just that.. Not "oops I'm sorry we forgot to inform you that your light is on back order" after is should have been sitting in dude doorstep already. Honestly I don't really care if you agree or not.. Fact is dude paid up for that expensive ass light and I would hope to hell that this company would have enough curtosy to send and update email, no matter what it takes. Worst thing to do is to leave a customer hanging like that. Again all IMO.
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  7. I know what a business day is dude. It was ORDER PROCESSED AND SHIP 5-7.

    yesterday was 7 my friend so i called to see what up. This is the grow industry folks. We time is money. Wake up

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  8. Because of receiving lights a few days after they had mentioned, which I DO agree sucks that there was a lack of communication, it leads to a thread of "buyer beware" and name calling? One blip in receiving shouldn't be enough to slam them like such. I do understand the frustration, but to say how poor of customer service they have and they're apparently "grimy fucks"... you need to rethink some of the bullshit before you go posting it on the internet. Mark and Platinum are a tight company. Be thankful they're honest and working their hardest to get the stock to their customers. I would say it could be a lot worse.

    "This is the grow industry folks. We time is money. Wake up"

    This made me laugh. Thank you for the advice. :lmafoe:
  9. Yup buyers beware. Unless u like people sitting on your money a month with zero contact

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  10. And its not 1 issue. Your but boy mark said its 300k worth of the same problems as i stated in the og post.

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