Platinum and diamond nails

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    I'm a goldsmith by trade and someone told me about titanium nail setups. Your basic screw, water pipe connecting. Titanium, when exposed to the air forms an oxidation layer, and when heated to a certain point, releases titanium dioxide as an effect. Inhalation of titanium dioxide has been linked to a number of issues in the human body: see CDC website PDF,

    This has prompted me into thinking about a healthier solution that would have some sort of market appeal. I've developed a patented design for platinum nails built into a male-male glass on glass adaptor. I'm working with a local artisan glass shop to come up with a legitimate product for a vacant market slot. My initial design has a small .05 ct diamond in the base set in platinum tube fused to the glass on glass section. This is a high end product, that is both user friendly and highly functional.

    I'm looking to see if people show interest. Pricing will vary depending on the custom glass on glass connection. I'm working on finding the best product that will be cost effective. Based on figures I've ran, retail price for these will be around $275 up.


    These are the two basic prototypes. The first has seen the rigors of daily use, I'm not in a legal state, so I've subjected the platinum to excessive propane heat, and I have been vaping candle wax to simulate an extract. For 1 1/2 weeks I've tested it as a heavy medicater would and as you can see, the platinum still looks great.


    I've used a 25ml flask as a bell, and it should all work out just fine.

  2. Is there a market for it? Sure. I'm not a metallurgist and I know the debate over titanium has raged for some time. I don't think you're going to change many minds. Myself, I prefer quartz... because of my health concerns (type a and b aortic dissection and aortic aneurysms)... what I inhale is pretty important.

    However, quartz isn't cutting it, with some of the high temp vaping I want to do. So, I'm looking back into titanium, for the heat retention... or at an electric option.

    Not sure what you really want, however? Do I have $275 to pay for a nail? That's the price of a rig, a nice rig.

    Need a beta tester? Need references? 
  3. I will have a working prototype that will need beta testing, and the price will be lower than that for testing purposes. I would love to talk about getting this to a few people willing to invest in testing. The rig I've been putting through hell is holding up great, with the excepting of small crazing in the platinum weld in a few small places. This issues has been sorted out in the new model, and should work out better than expected. The best part of these is that they retain scrap value after it is all said and done. These nails come with a $60 buy back at any date after sale. Let me know if someone is interested in becoming a beta. PM me for pricing.
  4. I know diamonds have good conduction of heat, but is there any point other than aesthetics?
  5. Purity of the burn. Of all the elements to dab off, I can't think of anything more stable. Plus, having a background in gold smithing, I have the ability to get cost effective stones into this market.
  6. As it is a very novel idea, but the nails will cost the same as a nice rig. I am having enough trouble trying to justify splurging $150 on the Infinity Nail let alone $250 on a platinum nail. This seems like a good product for glass snobs and other high end collectors, but not for your average dabber.
  7. I like my Ti dioxide though...puts a little hair on your chest.
  8. I understand, but than again, if there are people that will spend 10,000 on a crazy glass piece, than maybe 250 has some sort of market. I'm working with a few local glass artists, and we are working on a full rig setup that hopefully I can get down to an achievable level for most individuals. Everytime I make a prototype I am getting the cost down. But if I can get a product down to below 200, would that have a legit appeal? This is literally day 4 of spreading the word so I'm trying to figure out all the logistics and hopefully get to something people will actually want and be able to afford.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  9. I thought platinum was fairly soft? Is it the stability of the metal that provides a healthier option?
  10. hmm very interesting, subbed for future discussion.
  11. Platinum is soft when thin, and well intentioned pliers would collapse the skillet. But everyday wear and tear on the test model is holding up flawless. Check out the diamond dab Facebook page to check out a video of it reaching temp. I will ad a room temp to heat to cool off video soon. The strength of the platinum is a non issue, with no foreseeable reason of that changing. I work with platinum fairly regularly, and nothing I know of in the dab world will do anything to compromise it.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  12. How does it retain the heat compared to titanium or quartz? And a diamond that size is only about 2-3 mm wide right? How big of a dab can you take on something like that?
  13. [quote name="Rotawee" post="19466125" timestamp="1391555057"]I thought platinum was fairly soft? Is it the stability of the metal that provides a healthier option?[/quote]I have been scouring the web and metallurgist textbooks, and literature, and I cannot find much as far as toxicity reports for PtO2 inhalation. But there are such reports as far as Ti goes. If someone knows of any such danger please let me know the source, I'm trying to get all the fatcs.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  14. [quote name="InstaBlaze" post="19467041" timestamp="1391566809"]How does it retain the heat compared to titanium or quartz? And a diamond that size is only about 2-3 mm wide right? How big of a dab can you take on something like that?[/quote]The heat retention has been pretty good, you need to be fairly quick on the draw, but even a lagger should achieve success. If anything, my main concern has been the heat soak into the glass. My market beta will be ready soon. I'm getting with local blowers soon, and once we have the final design we will be able to do some more legitimate testing and consumer testimonials. I hope to have 5 ready by the end of the month that will be sold to people willing to invest in this ideal. I can give pricing as soon as I know how much the blowers are going to charge me.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
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    Could you possibly do a platinum coated (plated) titanium nail?  or stainless for that matter, to cut costs?  Ti can't oxidize if it's not touching air right?
  16. I don't think I'm set up to do a thick enough plating to make that tangible... I will have to look into that...Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  17. Plus, I might be able to get these low enough cost wise, to make buying Ti nails and plating them too cost worthy an investment. I'm excited to get with the blowers to come up with something and get a real number on cost of production.Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  18. I will have betas ready by next week, if anyone is willing to throw down below wholesale to be a tester. I have skillets with or without diamonds. Plenty big for the heavy hitters. 14mm male to male glass on glass connection. Pm if anyone is interested.

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  19. I sold the 18mm nail, and testing has been great! I will send after photos soon.t ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392071908.223618.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392071927.864534.jpg

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  20. This seems like a legit endeavor. Could you possibly use herkimers? It may lower your production costs.

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