plateaued spiritually

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  1. I've plateaued spiritually sometimes I think. Sometimes I can articulate some of my thoughts, but I don't think they are new.

    I went through some realizations a few years ago but I'm not sure where I'm going. I've tried a few feelers but none that panned out anything substantial, more just validated what I already saw.

    I feel like the plateau is the right place for now but idk.
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  2. There's tons of spiritual fun for me in language and symbols
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  3. how do you mean? Do you study linguistics? Learning new languages? Symbols, do you mean like hieroglyph? Or just symbols in general? What kind of fun?
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  4. Just toying. It's more personal and makes me look nutty trying to explain it.
    For instance GENESIS 1:1
    GENES IS, the creation of life
    1:1 is a reflection of man created in "God's" image.
    I'm an deist, not a christian, but the book holds clues nonetheless.


    sUn is a symbol of enlightenment
    sIn is practically opposite

    ISIS the goddess of motherhood/love
    Or .. is, is - the ultimate expression of acceprance of what is
    Or how it's being demonized by what's going on in world today

    How about AK47
    K is A turned sideways and elevated it looks like
    4 +7 equals 11 or /\ or A
    Essentially AK47 is AAA triple alpha

    666 or 111 111 111 or AAA again. It's all being demonized because they're sacred symbols
  5. Hitting the hay. Will follow up on this thread tomorrow if I receive a positive response
  6. Would like both of you to expand your thoughts.
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  7. Yes, please expand. Both are also rather interesting to me.
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  8. What we call letters I think are sacred symbols obviously altered over time. Spelling is called such because the power words have; they are spells maybe.

    My thinking on this is very loose with its interpretation of the symbols but it's makes sense to ME.

    e looks like a human eye, of course loosely for the sake of understanding.

    A is of course the alpha, obviously sacred - look around

    Now look at our continents

    And then theres...

    Guessing it was renamed from AuropA
    Long ago, maybe during the rise of
    Religion or re legion
    Evidence for re legion look at past empires they conquer land convert most people to their chosen religion or legion to control population
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  9. Sorry forgot to quote
  10. You do realize none of this works with any other language, right? Also you're applying guess-work to issues of recorded history, periods in time which have been exhaustively researched and mounds of evidence has been accumulated and documented. You can't just make up some bullshit just so it will fit into the theory you happened to have pulled out of your ass.
  11. He said he was toying with it man. No need for the bad vibes
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  12. Real shit. Thats why is a personal journey ffs
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  13. And it's called creativity not pulling out of my ass. Ass.
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  14. IDK. I'm just here.

    'you are here so here you are.'

    I just am. Not going anywhere. It's because I pine for another. In what way shape or form I do not know. Like I said sometimes I can articulate. But other times I cannot so well. I am not inspired.

    Where are you at spiritually?
  15. AAOrange what do you mean you've plateud spiritually? Like all of the concepts/sutras/teachings are so well engrained in your subconscious so as to say you are bored with existence? This life? This world?

    Personally I analyze my subconscious scrupulously to see whether or not I have really learned what I wish to teach myself. That's kinda my form I guess.

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  16. not that I have reached some level of spiritual saturation, but that I am currently not growing, not interested. I could give many excuses but the fact remains that I feel like I know what I know and I'm being complacent with that knowledge.
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    So you're not interested in growing on one side, yet you're dissatisfied that you are not interested on the other side? This world has a knack for decaying the spirit.

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  18. You're in need of some kind of epiphany my friend.
  19. Creativity is the process of imagination coupled with good judgement and logical consistency. Neither of which you seem to possess. What you're doing is simply lazy.
  20. So is looking for threads to troll on. Be productive and start your own if this truly bothers you. I don't understand why you put yourself in the position to be bothered by things that have nothing to do with you to begin with.
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