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plateau with bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Doodlemikey, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Here's a random curiosity for you guys. Often when I smoke from a bong, I'll reach a limit. I'll get pretty blazed, but then I'll start to come down. I'll have another bowl...nothing....another bowl....nothing....and yet another bowl....and still nothing. Then I'll wrap up a joint or a blunt and just....BAM! I'm gone.
    Does this happen to any of you?:)
  2. yep. Honestly, im over smoking. Its all about vapes and edibles now.
  3. That's a negative Captain. I have no limit that I have yet reached. With anything.
  4. Haha, I love that feeling when the dank is so diggity. Bongs are really the only way I have a limit...or if the weed is just awful...
  5. its not that you have reached a limit and cant go further. Taking bong rips can create discomfort to certain people...I rip my bong everyday and the first hit always makes me cough. After a couple hits you will get used to it and not cough (just as I do). Just keep on smoking and you will get higher. remember that huge bong rips give it to you all at once so you can get super stony and then come down quick.
  6. I know what you mean, if i toke the same bud out of the same piece sometimes i feel like i don't get super ripped like I should. I would suggest diversifying your way on getting stoned. Another thing is your tolerance could be high. If you toke daily and have been for a while then you might consider a tolerance break.
  7. Actually after like 3 bowls in my bong, i don't seem to get any higher even if i try and smoke later in the day. I'm pretty sure i'm high most of the time, but my tolerance has gotten so high recently that it doesn't even affect me much anymore :(
  8. Usually if I smoke once in the day I would have to smoke double what I did earlier to reach the same high. However I can buzz all day several times a day without any problem. A bong is no different to me other than one cleared bong chamber is like 2-3 pipe hits...
  9. the amount of thc your body can process at once has a limit and onceyou reach that limit you plateau, any consumption after that is a waste, since its thc that wont be used to its potential, if you have that much weed, why not be a good guy and smoke up some friends.
  10. i would suggest making 100% sure that your bong is clean all the way through. get new water and make sure all the ash and other shit is gone and try that (if you can. :smoking: )

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