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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by talllax, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, i feel like this is a stupid question but i had to ask. I just smoked a waterfall bong i just made like 15 minutes ago from a waterbottle, its plastic lid, and this metal pen cap. When i did it, i like burned the plastic and metal witht the lighter and they kinda melted a little, and when i thought back on it i thought that the smoke tasted kinda funny. Is it possilble that i inhaled that burnt metal and plastic fumes or am i just really high and tripping out about it...? and is that really bad haha?
  2. You should be cool man, I'm sure that out of all the homemade bongs/pipes that I have made that I have inhaled a lot of plastic. You just gotta make sure that you don't do it to much, plastic has a lot of harmful stuff in it that can hurt your lungs.
  3. yeah i think i was tripping out, complete paranoia over this thought for a long while, it was very little amount im sure and this is the first time its happened. I feel better now, no shortness of breath or anything i looked up sypmtoms. That was scary as fuck though for a while if that makes sense..
  4. I smoked out of a plastic bottle with no foil once, youll be fine :b
  5. Don't make it a habit, or you'll turn into a goat.
  6. the majority of this site has probably, at one point, smoked out of a plastic homemade and inhaled plastic fumes. Def not good for you, but that one hit wont hurt too much.

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