Plastic grow bags any good?

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by johnnyblaze805, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I was thinkin about ordering these for my upcoming greenhouse grow.. I plan on using coco/perlite... Are these any good?

  2. That depends. Do you want the bags for one grow or multiple?
    I noticed the bags are made from poly. Depending on how much UV you get the bags might last 5 years or maybe 1.
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    yes there good especially for greenhouse, if your doing alot the bag is a better choice then pots.dobt expect the square bag to be square when you put dirt in it though lol unless you evenly shape it .
  4. Ya I ended up buying a few different size bags from my local hydro shop they're cheap af so if they last for 1 run no biggie
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    I have used similar to these, and they are good, try storing 200, 3 us gallon pots Yo .....!, these store easy, and plants like them too, important to see the plants want the top roots to go around in a circle, so encourage that by keep the root ball circular like, not square, the bottom 2 inches can get hard like concrete, and in heat can hurt the plant, so I use some old carpet to protect those important interior roots, once the grow is done I wash them out in hot water ans 10% bleach hang in the sun to dry ...easy peezy!

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