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plastic grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I just wanted you to know that i have a plastic grinder and i hate it. Everytime i use it 1/8 of whatever i grind up ends up magnified and sticks to the wall of the grinder. It also doesnt have a bowl where the ginded bud falls into so i have to pick out the bud in between the teeth.
    So if your like me grinding your pot up by hand and you need a grinder, dont cop out and buy the shitty $5 grinder.
  2. its just like buying get what you pay for
  3. you can get a $15 alluminum grinder with a keif catcher...
  4. ew I smoked a nice chunk of plastic out of one of those once...never again. I like my 'gotvape' better then my 'grindstone' fwiw
  5. I love my plastic grinder 20$ there were all sorts for the same price I opted for the most simple and it never let me down I love it. My bud doesn't stick to the wall of the grinder but after a week of constant use it builds up some nice smokable hash
  6. not here in sd a good alluminum grinder with a keif catcher thats magnified would cost $45
  7. did u click the link i posted?
  8. naw it was ebay id have to create a paypal account.
  9. do it and use moneypaks?
  10. [​IMG]

    Recently bought this as my old grinder was well, just too old.

    Can only praise this nifty little grinder and yes, that is a soft plastic kief scraper :hello:

    A really good price too.
  11. ill be damned
  12. A very good grinder is at most like 20-25$. A good investment if you plan to smoke a lot. It's the same with pieces, if you buy the shitty acrylic bong, you'll see it in the quality and cleanliness. A little extra money goes a long way.
  13. metal grinder > plastic > using your hands
  14. metal, plastic, scissors, hands, not grinded, no weed, no money for money for weed, no job for weed, no job so no house, no house so homeless. MORAL OF THE STORY: BUY A GRINDER
  15. OMG yeah I didnt want to invest in a glass bong so i bought a acrylic one and 7 months of use later i look under the stem and all the plastic around it was paper thin compared to the rest of makes me think of how much melting plastic fumes i was inhaling.
  16. Cut a 2" piece of mcdonald's straw, then cut one end at an angle, then trim it flat. Instant kief spoon. Works for ground bud too :D
  17. i dont eat mc donalds that shits gross. its jack in the box or die.
  18. In n Out?
  19. Yo......i feel like im related to you some how....i think this is love.

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