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Plastic Grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Garbo, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Ok so i have this cheap plastic grinder.

    It works fine, but after many uses its gotten full of lots of keify resin weed crap.
    So its sticks, and when you turn it to grind it Screeches VERY Loudly.

    SO what i want to know is ways of cleanin it out and still possibly retrieving the weed inside.

    A friend said something about freezing it for like 30 mins?

    Any help is appreciated.

    PICS: (Sorry, Phone Pics)

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  2. QWISO that bitch.
  3. I heard about that, what is it exactly?
  4. there is an entire sticky thread about it, don't remember which section but it's at the top, go look for it
  5. I rember seeing a thread about it too, But for some reason i cant find it.

    ALso, is there any other things that i could do, that are relatively quick and easy.
  6. Get a shallow dish that's a bit higher than your grinder, and put it in there with enough isopropyl alcohol so that it covers the grinder. Then, cover it and let it soak for maybe a day or so. After that, make sure all the weird ass looking liquid and goop is in the plate and not your grinder, and wash out your grinder. Let that weird goopy liquid sit in that dish until all of the alcohol evaporates (be sure it is all). Once you've done that you'll have a sticky substance on the bottom of the plate. Scrape it off and save it, because that right there is highly concentrated THC resin, very, VERY nice to add to the top of a bowl. I hope that helped :)
  7. Wow thanks, and can i let sit anywhere?
    And how long roughly to evap?
  8. as long as it's in the open it'll work fine, not in direct sunlight as uv rays slowly break down THC molecules, and i'd say a few hours to evaporate. even put a fan blowing on it to speed the process up. also, maybe agitate it a few times to make sure you get as much THC as you can and try to get the highest concentration of alcohol you can, it will say on the back. anywhere around 90% is great :)
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    I wouldn't recommend Isopropanol. Alcohol will weaken the plastic. I Iso'd my plastic grinder and plastic shards from the teeth started getting fragmented plastic in my weed.

    Alcohol is great for metal and glass, but not plastic.

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