Plastic grinder?

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  1. Well it's time for me to buy new grinder, but I'm not stable with cash to buy expensive ones, anyone tried plastic grinders? Are they any good?

    For example:

    It's around 6$;
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  2. Ive used a plastic one before and I'd say breaking it up by hand is better and easier. You can get metal ones on amazon for around $25.
  3. Seriously? Stop being so cheap, do yourself a favor and buy this small space case grinder. Its only 15 dollars more, and its going to last you a lifetime. $15 dollars is nothing, if you cant afford that, well then good luck in the world. That plastic one will become duller than cow shit within weeks.

    Space Case Grinder 2 pc. Small Titanium Black- NEW- Herb Tobacco | eBay

    $21 shipped.
  4. Got to agree with Tamataz, just invest and get something quality, man. Plastic is the worst material they can make a buster with, and when i first wanted a buster i was looking cheap too. You can just get something thats so much better for not that much more money, check the GC online store and ebay, i invested when i was getting a buster and got a nice santa cruz shredder, and ive never been happier with it
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    I've been using a plastic one that came with my magic flight for around 3 It has a little storage thing on top... I like it.

    I would not pay anymore than a dollar for the one you posted, though... I wouldn't pay anymore than $3 for any plastic grinder.

    Edit: This is the one I have... It was a gift so I'm not complaining, and I still use it.
  6. Plastic grinders don't work well, everything that you grind in one just sticks to it.

    Stick to metal ones.
  7. Thanks all for reply, I'll get metal one from the store.

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  8. The thing with plastic grinders is after awhile the plastic spikes start to break off.
  9. ive got a plastic one, buy metal. mine is about broken cuz i dropped it a few times, and the kief catcher is all scratched up
  10. You can get a tiny 4pc metal grinder as cheap as $12 - $15. dont go plastic
  11. I had a wooden Sharpstone when I got my MFLB & free cheap plastic grinder. I now have a 3-piece I use, but I remember the free one worked waayyyyy better than my Sharpstone.
  12. Really thats so funny. I like the plastic one I have.. lol It does its job, so I cant complain... I prefer two pieces anyways because I only vape. And my mflb was a gift anyways.
  13. Honestly id ur really scrap for cash there not too bad. My brothers friend gave me a cheap 4 piece. There deff not the best but they serve their purpose. Mine got a lot of kief actually.
  14. I'd just use scissors if I couldn't afford a metal grinder. I have a SC but when I don't have it on me I actually really enjoy scissors lol

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