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Plastic Downstem With Fruit As A Bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoTheKid, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Yo, so it's been a couple of hours since I've smoked from a new plastic bong that I made and im curious, rn my downstem is a hard plastic straw but for the bowl I sorta cut a banana in half to act as an extension which is connected to the downstem so that I'm not burning any plastic. I was just wondering if this is safe and if I should use something else for the downstem? Does the smoke carry chemicals form the plastic with it? Side Note: *the flame is not hitting the plastic straw, just the fruit and the bud* I can post a pic if needed. thx y'all, not too worried just wanna stay safe!
  2. We would love to see a pic
  3. So here's the basic setup. Im currently using a different body instead of the 2 Liter, and the bowl is on top the banana instead of on the side as you see here. Its sort of a hassle to hold the banana as I light the bowl, but it works wonders! the straw is only I'd say about 2 cm in the banana so not too close to the bowl. Main question: am I in danger of inhaling anything bad with this setup?

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  4. Yeah it should be fine. If you have more straws of the same kind you can experiment to get an idea.

    Hold the straw above the flame and see how close you can bring it to the flame before it starts melting or emitting gas. Plastic fumes will sting your nose so you will no ...but they are toxic. Hey this is hood chemistry and from the looks of the bong you should be good with the ratchetness of my experiment. The ideal case would be that the plastic doesn't visibly change and very little to no fumes emitted while the straw is in the actual flame . The smoke is still hot and can react with or heat the plastic enough to melt it...even the very slightest.
    I've used cheap straw as the downstream too so I think you good. If the straw melts easily you can use the barrel of a pen. A metal one is ideal since the melting point of metals are much higher than plastic hence it's safer. It's hard to do but you can make a downstream out of aluminum foil...which is a technically metal and hence has a high melting point. That why you can bake with it in the so with plastic or straw...

    Smoke weed man it for the kids...for the kids I tell you...

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