Plasma Pong (Must See)

Discussion in 'General' started by Cork, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. it was featured on before it even really came out.

    I saw the first screenies and learned alot about how it was made, it's really good
  2. haha i remember playing this non stop a while ago
  4. lol ffs, i was just watchin the vid and when the balls explode i got excited :S im so faded

    thanks for sharin
  5. I thought this thread said "plasma bong" and I got excited to see what it was... oh well.
  6. got to lvl 23 on my first try, got ranked 3. pretty sweet
  7. Awesome game man. I loved playing it when I blazed. I could get lost for hours playing it...

    Sensory overload anyone?
  8. Thats shit will fuck you up.
  9. I've had it for some time on my laptop, but definitely a very fun game :D
  10. bump for the kick ass game. im about to play it high for the first time.
  11. I love getting all sorts of fuckin' ripped, turning off the lights, cranking up some trippy Royksopp or something and playing this game.

    I could do it for hooours. :smoking:
  12. Me too, this game is sooo bad ass. I love playing it when i'm coming up/down from 'cid or boomers.....cause when i peak/plateau its waayyyyy too intense hahaha
  13. Ahahaha, I guess we're both either hella stoned, or really big stoners, cause bro.... Tha's the only reason I entered this thread. To the the "must see" Plasma Bong. lol

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