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  1. hey i'm growing some good bud, and after about a week some of them are at the rate i expected and after about 3 weeks there is a pretty big female ( was a male, but i ended his life and smoked his leaves:)) take a look plz :) tell me what you think...


    album: plants
    password: sativa
  2. HIGH All, nice babies....tell us more on how your lights and the such?
  3. umm...

    i had 2 seeds growing out doors at the end of the summer... and they had just barely sprouted and formed leaves, and i brought them in when it got cold. and i got a 250 wat HPS light( i know i should get a MH conversion bulb for veg. but i can't afford it yet) and i germinated abut 7 more seeds and they are the littler ones you see. but i am growing them in a closet, with the lights about a foot or a foot an a half away from the plants. i use mircale grow food about once or twice maybe 3 times a week. and i find myself needing to water them almost( almost) everyday because the lights are so hot and they are surrounded by quilts and blankets... so they dry up quikly..

    a question: you see how on that tall one with quite a few leaves the bottom leaves are yellowish and wilted... wat does that mean? should i cut them off?...
  4. HIGH All, sure cut them O.F.F.F. I use fingernail clippers. It's common for the first sets of leaves to die....just as long as no more turn color.
    The seedlings shouldn't need ferts till at least 2 weeks old and then the feeding should be a small amount. You have to remember your dealing with babies.
  5. aite, i'll cut those off.. but i am only putting the ferts on the babies liek once or so a week maybe not even

    the bigger one is weLL over 2 weeks... its already got hairs on it and thats the one im ferting... mostly...

    and as seedlings go... do you think i should pretty much cut all the round leaves on the bottom off... won't that get more nutrients and energy to the leaves on top?
  6. I found miracle grow works best if you use it in the stronger solution mix, once a month, vs the weekly.

    Just my experience. Seems like less of a chance to over dose your plants.

    If they dry fast, cover the soil with a plastic bag or something to slow evaporation down some.
  7. hmm... thanks

  8. funny, i would think more of a chance to OD since ur exposing them to so much fert all at once o_0
  9. if it's old enough, you'd be surprised how much fert the weed can take if it's been increased over time, but if this is your first grow stick to the manuals and the progress from there.......Peace out.........Sid

    ps i can't see pics, it needs a password or something!.......
  10. right it says the pass up top...

    album: plants
    pass: sativa
  11. now i feel like a complete ebven seen that........"didn't know that weed makes some things invisible to me" out........Sid

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