Plants Wrinkly/leathery - Please Help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Drifter210, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm 6 weeks in to my first ever attempt from a couple of feminized seeds I got free from a mate. I don't know an awful lot about growing plants of any kind so trying to pick things up a long the way.
    My concern is that over the past week the leaves have started to look a little leathery, wrinkled and a little droopy (but that's mainly after watering) i've read this could be to nutrient deficiencies? The bottom leaves are also losing colour, and are a lighter shade of green on the verge of starting to look a little yellow. Two plants are Jack Diesel (Left) and Vintage 2006 (right)
    [​IMG]  JDvsVin.JPG   498.16K   <span>1 downloads</span>
    JD Left and Vintage on the Right:
    [​IMG]  JD16.JPG   434.3K   <span>1 downloads[​IMG]  Vin6.JPG   479.77K   1 downloads</span>
    My current set up is kind of make shift using a single 125w 6400k CFL, with some sheets of foil (the dull side) as reflectors. Currently the plants get around 16 hours light and 8 hours dark.
    At the moment I am watering every couple of days, re-watering once the top inch or so of soil is dry. I generally put just under half a pint of tap water in each. Unfortunately the pots don't have holes in the bottom and I dont want to risk disturbing the plants by drilling a hole in while they are still potted?
    Looking a the pics, can anyone advise how well they think these are going and what I could do to prevent further wrinkling? I know the tap water in my area in pretty hard, normally 7-8ph so maybe that needs addressing?
    I also have a 3000k 125w CFL for flowering, when do you think I should be changing over?
    Any help would be most appreciated!

  2. Transfer immediately to pots that are about 3 gallons 12 liters, with holes in the base, don't mess around do it now, you got a great couple of sativas in need of some red light 2700k, so get another bulb whilst you at it, dump the tin foil crap, paint the walls in matt white or use mylar, don't hang the plant under the tap, cold water shocks the roots, better to have a watering can sit next to the plant, and water as you do...when the top 1 inch is dry, once transplanted dontr feed for 3-4 weeks.
    remember: Mj don't like wet roots
    good luck
  3. thanks for the advice,
    I'll try pick up a couple of bigger pots tomorrow...i'm a little nervous about repotting though!
    My slight problem is room, i dont have a lot of space vertically, was thinking of setting up a scrog and training them to grow horizontally as I have a little more space that way. Is it too late this time around?
    Would hooking up both the 6400k and the 3000k at the same time offer much benefit? I'm looking to keep costs fairly low so would like to avoid splashing out on additional lamps if possible.

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