Plants won't grow help please!!

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  1. hey guys I've had these seedlings for 40 days now and they are doing awfull they are still only around 4 inches the leaves are crazy small and they keep getting white leaves that die and fall off when I first started I overwatered and I had them in small solo cups for too long I've now moved them into bigger pots when should I start seeing changes one of them is also started to flower and it's only 4 inches tall here's some pics Also the souls they just got moved too is organic potting soil with matures care fertilizer composted cow manure bone meal Dolomite lime and cal mag supplement.

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  2. The only "organic" fertilizer id use is alpaca manure.
    Go to a hydro store and get some good soil or try soiless and get a full nutrient regimen.
    I dont see much perlite. Your soil needs a lot of it.
    Are they getting light? Also you could have probably kept them in the solo cups.

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