plants wilting and dying

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  1. So this is my first grow. I am on a budget and know I will likely not have the biggest yield especially cause this is my first grow. I've read a lot though lots of books and grow journals on here but I'm still stumped on this. I thought it may be a defficiency in the water maybe. I use rain water. I don't have a ph meter or strips I'm kind of going by ear. Can I add baking soda to raise ph, and vinegar to lower it? So I had 3 plants and they were my buddys actually. He had one flouro on them. I knew they wouldn't surviive so I took them and put them in good organic soil. Mixed it with perelite and bone meal. Its all I could afford. They are under 4 various wattage flouros, and 2 65 watt cfls. What could be wrong? I've got pics up too.
  2. How often do you water them?
  3. hey dude, re-post those pictures here or post a link to them (here on GC- I won't look elsewhere)

  4. Whats goin on here with the yellowing? I water every 5 days now so its not overwatered.

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  5. it's almost impossible to grow w/o adjusting ph. that's what it looks like to me, ph issue....
    p.s. rainwater is crap! as it falls, it collects dirt/pollution out of the air. use r/o....
  6. I took this next picture and it looks like its having issues again. It also looks like it may be getting ready to flower?

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  7. I have no clue, sorry bro.
  8. it does look like its starting to flower but you have some bad nutrient/ ph issues. What type of soil is it in? How big is the pot? How much water are you using per watering? do you have a ph meter?

    Sorry - i just read your full post, i asked some irrelevant questions there.
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    you really need to check the usual suspects- ph before feeding and runoff, EC runoff, nutrient strength before feeding, etc...

    without testing equip it's a shot in the dark.

    good luck bro.
  10. A easy/good way to water your plant is to completely saturate your pot. (get all of the soil soaked.) Then you wait until the soil is pretty dry. At least an inch down into the soil should be dry. Then go ahead and saturate it again. And I dont know where you're growing. But if you have a Walgreens nearby you can buy a gallon of distilled water for a dollar. Good luck!
  11. This plant needs feeding. It is deficient in iron and probably other micro nutrients. This could be caused by pH lockout or more likely you just need to fertilize with a well balanced fertilizer including micro nutrients. The rain water is not the problem and is perfectly suited to growing plants, where do you think the rest of the worlds plants get their water--not from distilled water in plastic jugs..


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