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Plants wilting and dying overnight

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LKINDJS, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Hello. I am having a problem with my plants. Doing hydro, 60 bucket system from green trees. strains are maui, god from seed and a couple clones of g13xhaze. Plants are almost 5 weeks in flower. i am running 8 x 1k lights. the lights are around 12 inches from the tops. i was watering 6x15minutes a day from a 95 gallon res. i keep the res around 1500ppm's right now. and the ph is kept between 5.9-6.1. so basically since week 4 of flower. i have been having some plants wilting over night. i had one then 2 days later another then tonight 2 have wilted. i am thinking that it is overwatering but am not sure. i didnt have this problem on my first run but since then i have this problem. after this first couple died i dropped my watering cycle to 4 times a day from 6. and now i just put it to 3 times a day. i cant seem to get a for sure answer anywhere. i bleach the whole system between every crop, i have 4 air stones in the res. please help, im at a loss. i just dont understand what is going on or how to fix the problem. the temp in the room is right under 90 tops. and i am running a gen3e 15 minutes every hour. i have adequete intake and exhaust with alot of fans for circulation. sorry if i missed any info needed. thanks in advance for your time.

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  2. your using 1000watt hps's if im not mistaken? if so then 12 inches may be too close. how warm is your room?
  3. yes i am, i have glass on all lights. and all lights are vented, the room high is right around 90. there is no burning on the top of the plants
  4. :eek: 90 is too hot man. get an a/c going and bring those temps down to below 85:smoke: whats your humidity also?
  5. yah i just lowered the ac, it should be around 85.7 again, i will have to look at teh humidity. it was around 20-30 i think, but i will have to look. do you think it is, heat? there is no heat stress and there doesnt seem to be an deficiencies. they all look great then bam, overnight they look like the pic

  6. i think heat is a problem, humidity is good though. is there something you gave them or did before the night they witled?
  7. i havent done anything to them, i keep them on my normal nute chart. i havent changed anything. the first batch that was good was vegged out at my buddies house with over 2000ppm all the way through, and i dont know if they could jst handle more. all the pics of underwatering i see, kinda looks the same, but im jsut not sure.
  8. more pics would help
  9. I will take some pics tomorrow. I'm not there.
  10. id like to see the roots...
    Also what are the res temps?
    do you give any hydrogen peroxide in the res at all? hygrozyme..anything like that
  11. I will take pics later today when I go there. I'm not sure the temp of the Res. When I touch the water it is really cool to the touch. I do not put any hydrogen peroxide or higrozyme in the Res. Should I?
  12. i have to assume by what ur describing the prob is in the res...
    a capful of hydrogen peroxide once a week wouldnt hurt mate..
    but again once i see the roots I may have a better opinion
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    I will take pics tonight. I did notice that the ones that died did not have many roots coming out of the bucket. Maybe they never developed a good root structure. If the problem was in the Res, wouldn't it effect the whole crop? And do I just put in normal hydrogen peroxide?
  14. I tried to take a picture. But there were no roots coming out of the top bucket. It looks liksle alot of the roots are at the top of the 6" cube. I lowered my water to 4 times instead of 6. And I still had one die. But now instead of wilting completely over night, it is slowly wilting. If pics needed what should I take a pic of. Should I rip the cube open and take a pic of that?
  15. Make sure your air stones are not clogged. This can cause these symptoms and will kill the plant in only a few days if not corrected.

  16. no...but id say ur keeping them to wet you should see roots..
  17. Yah I have an air 3. For the Res and controller. I hear you about the watering to much. There is usually a bung load of roots out the bottom of the bucket. A buddy told me to water 1 time a day for the first week of veg, then 2 times a day for the second, 3 times for 3rd and 4 times for 4th. Does anyone do that? I normally only water 1 time a day for first week then jump up to 4 times a day for weeks 2-5. And jump up to 6 times for bloom for weeks 4-8 then flush 9th week.
  18. based on the pic i saw and your description of how they are dying overnight, it has to be a root problem. the roots must be getting cut off or strangled for some reason. this is the only thing ive ever seen that causes a plant to just instantly wilt like that, sorry i dont have any advice on how to fix it tho

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