Plants went from healthy to not so much.... Any ideas??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Donk0420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. We are having 108 degrees the past week and I think it is the problem.
    I just transplanted into larger pots 2weeks ago and used the same medium.
    I almost have to water twice.a day to keep them from wilting.
    Nuts are used every 2 days with miracle grow and 1 tbs of molasses.
    Any thoughts and they ar starting to flower also.

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  2. Here is a before pic

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  3. Heat could do that but I would start by checking your ph....and calibrate your meter if you have one..:) and no ferts for awhile to be safe
  4. I agree with sergio it could be the heat or re nutes but i think its the nutes. Do you spray the leaves or water the soil?
  5. I just water daily due to the heat.
    I occasionally spray the leaves after the son goes down so they don't burn but cool them Down. I'm flushing them now just in case I over did it on mutes or something. But the side that stays in the shade is looking better than the side that has direct sunlight.
  6. Cool okay have a good grow then
  7. Hey dude, sounds like you are giving them too much MG... try no nuts for bout 2 weeks... just water and superthrive. Then after the 2 weeks start nute-ing every 9 days... that will probably fix you up : )
  8. And I would stop spraying them all together now... just feed through water

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