Plants turning yellow then brown from bottom up

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  1. hi i am on day 31 autoflower blue cheese. the yellowing started two weeks ago and has gotten worse from then, i use tap water. it turns yellow then brown and crispy then dies please HELP this is my first grow i put to much time and effort into it for it to go to shits :( i have fed them organic nutes 1/4 dose moved to half i dont think it has nothing to do with the nutes


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  2. They re rootbound. Transplant them to bigger pots and itll clear right up.

    Im having the EXACT same problem currently. Tried to keep some huge yielders in small pots. Roots hit the bottom, ate all the soil, then turned around and went straight back up.

    And oh yes, left long enough in those pots, the plants will "consume" (literally) all the soil. I have had plants in 5 gallons finish and when i cut them down there was NO soil left. Even when i tore the rootball apart, 5 gallons of soil, all that was left was less than a sandwhich bag full of soil.

    They are hungry!

    You dont have enough light, so they are not bushy. You should have low stress trained them in my honest opinion.
  3. Hey, pulled mine for a transplant, here's what yours probably look similar to!
    This is definitely the problem because i can see the roots at the bottom of the pot sticking out im using a 5 gallon pot for both plants what size pott do you recommend i get and i heard autoflowers dont respond well to transpants. thank you so much btw! 
  5. Truth is, when autoflower tap root hits the bottom of the pot, it signals that the plant is mature and tells the plant to flower.

    Go as big as you can man, only you know what your space constraints are. Ive got a tree in a 7 gallon bucket i believe, maybe bigger, stem as thick as a fat hot dog lol

    Its a mother i keep in my basement, bitch is huge!

    Yeah these plants had roots stickin out the bottom too! I had them in 3 gallons cuz they were for breeding seeds, not buds, but i had to move them up to 5s today, waaaay too big for those little pots.
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    just took my plants out of their pots does this plant look rootbound to you because i have no clue as it is my first grow 

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  7. Youre gettin there, you caught yours sooner than i caught mine though. You dont have enough perlite in your soil imo. Make sure you mix more in with the next transplant
  8. if my plants are at the early stages of rootbound do you still think this what caused the yellowing, tomorrow i will go to my local grow shop asap to buy bigger pots, soil and perlite
  9. Id say a combination of rootbound and ph issues. Looks like cal/mag def/lockout to me. What are you feeding it? How much?

    How often? How often do you water? Caught any fungus gnats? Ruderalis (the cousin to sativa and indica, native to russia) is how plants get their auto capabilities.

    Out of curiosity, whyd you go auto foryour first grow? If ya dont mind me askin
  10. Also, are those cfls? Plant is stretching because it doesnt have enough light. Could just be nute starved if ya havent fed it!
    i have fed it normal tap water without testing the ph (dont have ph meter) i didnt feed it anything for 2 weeks after that i started feeding it veg nute called field marshal first week of feeding i gave 1/8 of the recommended dosage moved up to 1/4 on week 4 and this week i fed it 1/2. I give it water every 5 - 7 days and i dont think there are any fungus gnats. i decided to go auto because it is much quicker and less of a hassle than sativa/indica variety's  and the lighting is a 250watt cfl 
  12. If you dont see bugs id say its a combination of small pots, not enough feed, and not enough light.

    When watering, do you make sure the plants are drenched? At that size i put them in cheap turkey pans, fill them with water, let them sit in it, then i dont water for 3-4 days depending on plant size. You dont want to do this with seedlings but it works well with plants that size. You see how healthy my rootball is? Its from doing it like i just told you.

    I also lift it when done and let all the runoff, runoff, so it doesnt sit soaked but gets to drink as much as it needs. I put a trees planter in a plastic trash bag last night, since the pot was too big to put anywhere else. I fed it a few gallons and left it an hour. Came back and it had drank all the water it was sitting in!
  13. If you're using tap water you should get a cheap water testing kit to figure out your pH, and if there is too much chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, or if the water is too hard. It's important. You can get everything else right in your grow - if your pH is off, your plants will look unhealthy. 
    What are the canopy temps in the room? 
    kind of a late reply but isnt 250 watt hps more than enough for 2 plants? and I run atleast 2 gallons through my ladys and takes 4-5 days to dry
  15. It is, if its close enough. I keep a vented 600w 8 inches away. Your smaller light looks further away than that to me, but you let themgrow tall. Most growers want short bushes since that means more light penetration and more yield.

    Most expereinced growers will tell you tall plants are no good, not unless youre growing hemp for rope!
  16. I just ordered a ph meter off of eBay and my friend told me the local tap water ph is 7.7 to 8.1, my friend has gone through two grows and he told me my problem is ph imbalance/nutrient lockout. as soon as i get my ph meter i am going to flush my plants, i also purchased a ph down additive and cal mag just in case. any tips on when to add the nutrients after flush as my plants have started to flower.
  17. i put my lights well away from my plants as i am worried i might burn them, i guess thats why they are not bushy
  18. Your ph in soil should be 6.5-7

    Heres a chart to help you see whats locked out when you dont follow charts
  19. i just flushed my plants, the water going in was phed at 6.3 but the runoff water keeps reading at 5.1-5.2, is that a problem?
  20. Could be. If its coming out 5 and youre putting in 6, maybe you should put in 7-8ph and see if 6-7 comes out.

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