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  1. Hi all -

    I flushed my Northern Light plant as it had burnt tips and curling leaves, the flushing seems to have helped this but now the plant is turning yellow from the bottom upwards - I think it's because of the lack of nutes -
    My question is should I feed her extra nutes or less because I've just flushed her ?
    The plant is 24 days into flower in Coco medium - about 120cm tall - I flushed 18 days into flower -
    I'm feeding her Hesi Coco with Hesi PowerZyme and SuperVit.


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  2. Yellow from bottom to top is pretty classic Nitrogen deficiency and probably the most common thing that ails plants.
  3. this.

  4. Hey

    PH is ok you didn't really answer my question just told me something I already know - I wanna know if I should up the nutes after flushing I dunno if you read my post or just looked at the pictures
  5. If in dirt the plant can be a couple of days behind what you do ... it can be three days before you see the results of the flush or the nute add.

    Since you didnt say when all this happened I just had to guess a bit.
    The answer is "no" - dont give her extra - will just speed up get salt build-up.
    Follow the directions on the nute - flush once a month with 3X pot volume - always use low PPM water - always balance your pH.
  6. Hey Thanks - I did say flushed day 18 now on day 24 - but cheers anyway Raoul much appreciated for the info so will she be OK?
  7. They could use some nutes. Not to sure about your Hesi nutes. Because it's an all purpose(veg/flowering)fert amd their may be to much nitrogen for flowering.
    Bascly a 0-low N and high P is recommended for flowering.

    Your going to have some yellowing leaves when flowering and that is common. I would feed with 1/2 strength and see how the plant react.
    I might check to see if their may be a better alternative to Hesi ferts for flowering plants.....
  8. Hi - but if they are lacking Nitrogen then they are gonna need some N arn't they?
  9. My "Bloom" nute is 15-30-15 and I give it 2 tbl / gal during full budding.
    2 tbl = 10g so @ 15% I'm giving 1.5g N each feeding or about 380 mg/L.
    Thats a pretty good dose.

    Remember - that plant is moving N from the leaves to the bud pretty much as quick as it can.

    I really should have read your entire post - but it's early here and still working on coffee 2.0 - sorry for the confusion ....

    Do you measure the EC / PPM of your runoff?
  10. No I just measure water PH and try and get it close to 6.2
  11. What is EC/PPM?
  12. EC = conductivity
    PPM = Parts per Million (or mg/L)

    EC is the basic measurement - pure water does not conduct elec - add salts (nutes) and the current flows proportionally to the amount of salts.

    PPM is a derived measurement and an approximation. The conversion factors are .5 and .7 times EC (depending on the meter).

    pH and EC (PPM) are critical to running Hydro (IMHO) and EC is also very nice when you are growing in a bucket. It can give you some real insights into how the salts are building up in the bucket. EC is a dirt cheap meter - way less than half of a pH meter.
  13. Your Hesi is all purpose and should include nitrogen. Should be a label with NPK values on the bottle.
    Most important is you want to check the ph and maintain 6.5-6.8 before trying to fix anything. There are other symptoms that could be seen as fertilizer burn, but really may be a deficiency due to a ph lock out....;)

    I would feed the plants 1/2 strength(hesi) to give them a boost and watch the new growth for signs of improvement or, and adjust

    To much nitrogen during flowering will slow the budding process down. I would use a flowering nute for fruits and vegetables that is low in N and higher in P value.
  14. Best to check the ph from water run off and adjust your water/solution to raise or, lower the soil ph as needed....

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