Plants turning purple in week 3

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  1. anyone else experience this?
    A few of my girls are already darkening at 3 weeks. I flipped the light July 11 so I am guessing they are about 3 weeks into flowering now.

    D4B5DF05-B827-42A0-82AE-8DE80A124254.jpeg 95F4FE1C-AFB6-4F63-805D-F17BF4677D3D.jpeg 347DA1DD-F55D-4015-9FD1-AE6DB6A61B8A.jpeg 0F30CB72-B9D8-4363-BEDE-5A885F3E35D8.jpeg 8173011A-AA21-4B44-82DB-1479A8A15361.jpeg 449C4F73-2251-4D79-BE29-94B150A07CE5.jpeg C8209839-09F1-48DE-8AFF-D1E6957B1DC7.jpeg CAEA345B-5B4B-4EB2-BCCA-AA5C5111908E.jpeg 368C8E47-8A7E-485B-B187-F14CE50BD05A.jpeg F7B6AEA9-F825-41BE-94F8-B4A991A64C2A.jpeg 7C6B38E5-5264-4284-8AF1-41806C6A0FE3.jpeg

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  2. P deficiency or lock out. Or night time temps. One of the two.

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  3. Or you think maybe Genetics? That's my thought.

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  4. I agree, although in one or two of the pictures i see maybe little signs of N tox and or overwatering which im turn is blocking P uptake. I maybe see some Mg issue also.

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