Plants turned purple!

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  1. Hello! Here's where I am ... my plants are already in flowering phase and we are in the middle of September, which means that I'll harvest them soon. One of them turned dark purple. At first it was light yellow with no evidence of drying out at all. The plant is agile and still grows but the color of the plant is pure dark purple. Buds are okay... some spots are also purple but the rest stays green/brown as supposed.

    What could be the problem?

    Also, what's the best thing to do with young plants who just started producing buds, but they won't withstand the end of the season? Should I like press it and make hash? Or I can simply dry it and smoke it little by little?
  2. heya gybe :wave:. from what im told, cold temps can turn stems purple as well as stress. id let them go as long as u can. hell, let em go through one frost then harvest. as for the immature flowers, id make hash from them, or make cannabutter ;). yummy!! in any case, have a lil patience and keep an eye on em. peace, e :bongin:
  3. That purple coloring is a chemical in the plants called anthocyane. It is released by mj plants when it gets too cold as sort of an antifreeze. Plants that are already pre stressed before the cold weather will turn more purple than plants that are healthy. This seems to be the case with your plants. To see a better example, take one of your healthy green leaves and put a tear in it before a cold night. The tear will be purple in the morning.
  4. i have a friend that is growing, he has two good plants. they get serious amounts of sunlight due to a great location. Anyways the top of one of the plants is turning a shade of purple. it seems to be perfictly ok and the buds seem really good. Could this be just a specific variety of marijuana or do the same rules apply with the plant releasing that chemical anthocyane.. ? How would i be able to tell between the two..??
  5. the cold can turn your plants purple but it has to get to be freezing (32 degrees) for that to happen, so if it isn't that cold than i highly dought that its the temp thats diong it
  6. its probly because your plants stressed out from having an idiot as a parent.
  7. wrong, doesn't need to reach 0C for it to turn purple. a temperature of 10C and under will often turn your plant purple. but some plants are more resistant than others when it comes to cold, and therefore need a colder temperature to change color.

    there hasn't been any frost here yet and some of my plants have turned totally purple
  8. It is obvious that you feel offended because of my true statement. I completely understand where you stand ... it is very difficult to deal with the truth. Yes, it is.

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  9. In my case this is not a problem. The temperatures can fall very low here at night, even in summer it can go down to 10-12C.
  10. then you should have known better and grown inside instead of wasting your worthless time growing those outside you dumbshit.

  11. that's the reason my plants turn purple, fo sho
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  12. What the fuck is your problem dude? You can grow outside pretty much anywhere the snow thaws out. Hes not a dumbshit and hes not wasting his time. Who are you to judge anybody?
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  14. 'Sup guys :wave:, i second alice D. noone should be criticized for where they grow. maybe they dont know any better. Chill out andrew, man. lifes too short to be angry ;). peace, e :bongin:
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  16. I always see comments from this kid even to me, the only thing thats a waste of time is reading what u have to say. I dont ever say shit because i am hear to learn things i might not know already and to help other people who are not as fortuntate to know things we all do. LATES
  17. Purple can often be caused by too many nitrates in the soil also

    Check out the following grow guide for any hints and tips to do with growing your own herb.

    There are many free articles available to help you grow

    Hope this is of some use to someone :smoke:
  18. I am growing Early Misty and White Widow in several different sites and they are all purple, same as last year. Doesn't worry me though, it is loaded with tricomes and is very potent (same as last year).
  19. are you talking about me or andrewbud? because if i said anything that offended you than i apologize:)

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