plants to hide plants?

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  1. what are some good plants to hide marijuana? both visually and smell-wise?
  2. Depends on how big of strains you plan on growing. If you're gonna grow some little 2-3 foot autoflowers you could probably hide them quite well in a big tomato patch or any other big green leafy plants. For bigger plants you'd need to hide them in corn or something.
  3. Lavender works really well too because it smells strong and grows fast
  4. Hi.........
    You can easily obtain stinging nettle seeds by mail order, I saw them a packet of 50 seeds, you've got plenty of time, may even find them at your local greenhouse, or just ask them to order them for you, pretty simple, and yep, they'll grow well in Indiana, no problem.
  5. haha this reminds me of the season ending of blue mountain state. Had a huge crop in the middle of a corn field. Just had a section of the field.

  6. whole fields of nettles where i live...
    but the tricky bit is getting the seeds! and also, you need very nitrogen rich soil for them, which may upset the plant?
  7. [​IMG]

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    cleome's are gret they look alot like pot plants too :)
  8. ^^^That looks toooo much like bud man... Unless it groes wild then that would draw as much if not more attention then the actual
  9. I've used a bean trellis to hide them from one or two sides.

    For smell I had pretty good luck with Basal growing near them and helping hide the smell.
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    pepper plants work pretty good...

    Edit: For smaller plants...
  11. "OMG!!!" "Is that weed!?!" *Runs over to it* "NO!, but behind it there is!"
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    I'm a big fan of banksia rose for stealth - its super hardy, trainable, easy & quick growing and the leaf shape seems just right. Like a grape vine but MUCH better at blending and more light gets through. Plus a cool plant in itself.

  13. haha!
    more pointers from gc's self appointed plant nerd comin up:)
    look into:
    food forests - seven layers
    sepp holzer - farming with nature

    and for smell you could grow a chocolate vine (common name) hardy to zones 4-7 i think
    smells like chocolate with a fruit that tastes like tapioca pudding, od growers got a cool one too, and the cleomes look like a great idea, i kinda want those in my garden now:)

    the more variety you have not only do they take care of eachother better and look like a large variety rather than something there to hide pot, but they also stay green longer because they grow so well, further hiding your bud

    simply observing nature at work can help you design a very effective and very stealthy plot that will grow some nice buds AND MUNCHIES:)

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