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plants to big

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by captchronic, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. hey my plants way to big for my grow space,i already forced it to flower for 2 weeks to see what sex it was and now im kinda screwed i cant finish my grow and have no clue how to go about fixing this problem,any help???
  2. What type of light are you using? Do you have the room to finish off your plant on its side?
  3. yeah i could bend it over and finish i guess and i have a 600 w hps
  4. You say you have a 600HPS . You are going to flower for how much longer? Your plant will explode into a dense bush of buds on its side. You have plenty of light for 1 plant. Keep us posted.
  5. 2 options

    Trimming (I dont suggest it)
    Tying it down (I suggest it)

    take string, and tie it down, simple as that, makes it go outward instead of up (if you have more width space)
  6. With a 600 watt HPS the plant will look like a hedge of buds if finished flowering on its side.Good Luck.
  7. holy shit, 600, thats awesome, yea tip it dude
  8. you could do that aswell, tying it down would basicly be the same thing, just a wee bit safer.
  9. go to and search for training.
  10. If your plant is in a pot be careful. Can you transplant it into a grow bag? Its pretty hard to water a pot resting sideways. If its too risky to transplant I'd just tie it down. Don't trim the tops if you want a nice cola to form.

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