Plants still not flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vexus, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Should I be worried?

    I planted them on 4/20 and they are about 4ft+ tall like bushes and they are females.

    They are showing no signs of flowering yet.. and its august 8th. When SHOULD i start to get worried?

  2. If they are not flowering, How do you know they are female?

    I think your plants are waiting for less light per day to get going.

    Put a trash can over them @ 5 pm every day.That will get them started.
  3. assuming they are outside, as the days shorten over the next 30 days, they will begin to flower.

  4. I agree with sergio and linedrivr, and how do you know they're female if they aren't flowering yet??? :confused:
  5. give it time, as the days shorten your ladies will start to flower.
  6. Maybe he has used his lens and observed the PRE flowers that appear about 6-8 weeks after sprouting, while still in veg growth, and maybe a couple of months before actual flowering begins.
    Read my link below on sexing.

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