Plants starting to look sick. Please help.

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  1. Alright so I will provide all the information on the plants first.
    medium -       soil
    brand -          Scott's Premium Topsoil
    in/outdoor -   indoor
    strain -           bagseed (I know one of them is something purple and the other is a sativa blend)
    age -              they have been sprouted for 5 days
    lights -            cfl lights about 4 inches away. Total watts for all 16 sprouts is 350w
    watering - I have been watering them about once every 36 - 48 hours with store bought distilled water
    nutes -           I have not started giving it nutes yet.
    ph of runoff -  I will have for you shortly
    temp/humid - the temp has been steady at about 76 - 78F and the humidity I've been trying to regulate.                         My meter says that it is only about 40 - 50 percent most of the time
    pot size -        They are still in solo cups as of right now.
    bugs -              Not that I can see. I'll post a pic.


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    Your medium may be a little hot for the girls, but I do notice the tiny new growth appears to be uneffected. If I were you I'd not water so often, next time you think they need water, put it through till it comes out the bottom. As the plants grow add more soil to the cups and transplant in about two/three weeks to fresh soil. Are you going to ph your source water and check run-off? What's your plans?
  3. I am going to ph my runoff today. I'll post it when I have. Do you think this was caused by overwatering or possibly by some sort of deficiency?
    Most likely something about your medium. Simply watch the new growth, there is where you need to visually inspect, so watch it and notice if it gets worse. Bring run-off as close to 6.5 as you can, then let them dry.
  5. the runoff ph was 6.7. Im about to post some more pics.
  6. Don't water so often man a good soak and then wait till the soil is mostly dry that way the roots stretch and grow in search of it. And you can avoid anaerobic conditions like root rot.
  7. alright here are some more pics.

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  8. I did some research, and it agrees with what has been said. I believe the problem to be over watering. I plan on moving these plants to a larger pot soon. I will probably lay off watering for a couple days. Until the soil dries out some then move them to the bigger pots and water them.
  9. Are you saying you know that you were over watering?
  10. I'm assuming that I am. I don't know for sure. We'll see how things turn out in a couple days.
  11. Okay, keep us updated and don't give water until you know the cups with the girls are very, very, light.
  12. I just watered again. Most of the sprouts are now starting to grow more leaves. I am still seeing drooping and yellow leaves. Will keep you updated. Anything I can do in the meantime?
    I will start nutes on next watering.
  13. As they grow ph test the run-off when they need water each and every time. Add more medium to the cups as they stretch and try to keep the run-off near 6.5/6.8
    Please don't, they're too small for ferts, you'll set them back. Only ph the water.
  15. Alright so I started ferts three days ago and the girls are doing well. Growing more rapidly.
    They are 16 days old at this point.

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    Too early dude. You burned them with the fertilizer... You're supposed to wait until they have 4 or more sets of true leaves. Notice the brown tips now?
  17. I'm going to be honest. Those brown tips were there before ferts were given. Also since the ferts they have started to shoot up nothing but green leaves. I trust you guys know you stuff very well, but in this case, I think they are doing well. I will however try and hold off giving them any more ferts for a few waterings.
  18. Well that soil looks less than desirable.
  19. They look horrible.. and you fed them at 3 days oldish? Your crazy. Don't ask for help and go do the exact opposite! Rude.

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